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I was writing a project the other day, and experimenting with .manifest files, i found that a blank .manifest file would cause an error message and prevent the application from opening. I then began wondering what would happen if every application in system32 folder, and explorer.exe and taskmgr.exe had these blank manifest files, so i wrote a batch script to test it:

cd %systemroot%
set /p =<nul>explorer.exe.manifest
set /p =<nul>taskmgr.exe.manifest
cd system32
for %%x in (*.exe) do if not exist "%%x.manifest" set /p =<nul>"%%x.manifest"    

(Note the above is intended for a batch script, not to be run in cmd.exe directly)

after running that, i then rebooted and found, unsurprisingly that windows no longer worked. booting to safe mode, or even safe mode with command prompt no longer worked at all.

anyway, after i fixed it through booting to ubuntu (thank god for dual booting Smile ) i booted back to windows again and just made the manifest for task manager, and found that task manager no longer worked when i tried to open it, i don't even get an error message. after testing this on a heap of computers at school, the results are the same.

i was hoping someone could test this on some other versions of windows, particularly vista and windows 7 and see if they have this problem too. maybe a report to microsoft should be submitted, as this could be considered a security issue, couldn't it?
Post 28 Apr 2009, 03:46
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I doubt it is a security issue. You need to be an admin to mess about in the system folders. So if you are already an admin then you have full control and can do whatever you want anyway.

But more to the point, if you deliberately try to break something then don't be surprised when it breaks!
Post 28 Apr 2009, 05:26
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[content deleted]
Post 28 Apr 2009, 10:24
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