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please share your world view. in case you want to argue, discuss, query, the posters' world view, please pm him/her or open another thread. thank you. because i intend to make this thread easy for others to read.

basically, you write and share your view (that you hold) about this world, life, life after or before here, death, and so on that associated. there is no true or false, no judgment, just share what values you holding.

i asked lot of questions in this forum, basically, i just wanna sum up what values i am holding right now.

the God / the System
actually, i don't really feel like using the word God. because to be frank, i don't understand whats the meaning of God either. omnipotent, omniscience. i view the whole thing as a system/law. and it is unlike an entity that could be counted. single or plural, it is a system, like the computer operating system, except it exists like you could never define the smallest negative number, and last like you could never define the largest ever positive number.

the Religion
popular religions basically consists of the book, messenger, devil, historical values and ...
as far as i knew, i never heard of a devil which is being portrayed as stupid or dumb, so automatically, this means, they are smart ass.
we knew that also we couldn't verify whether our thoughts came from either God, or from devil.
we knew also the messengers are just like us, human, eating, drinking, sleeping and dying. if the messengers are differ from us, then basically there are no point for us to set them up as role model, because we never could attain what they attained, coz, they are unlike human.

if i am devil, strictly speaking, i will try to confuse the messengers, because if i succeed, everybody will get confused. if the God can prevents the devil to confuse the messengers during compilation of the book, then why God didn't bothers to do the same (prevent the evil, devil thoughts) on everybody?

religion is poison, in a sense, it limits what you can accept in the latter days. religion tries to prevent you to think, ponder, those mind boggling life questions, and supply you with a set of answers, that could be baseless.

religion is a tool, a tool to prevent people into deep thinking, because, not everybody love to think, and they need many others not to ponder in order to get their jobs done. whether it is for economy, military or etc purpose. so, if you can supply answer, then you can control them in a sense.

religion is, the book cross reference the God, then cross reference to the messenger. then the messenger cross reference back to the book.

another query is, why God sends texts that could be interpret in almost more than one way and many views, why not verse like division of treasure after a person died, clear and easy to follow.

i see dream as a powerful mechanism that deliver past life(s) / future information (action/event) to the dreamer himself.
you can analyze it symboly or as it was, eg. if you dream about car, you can transcript it as a vehicle. there are thing that you can view it as symbolic, but human being in my dream, i tend to interpret it as actual figure. and would timing of sleep, affects the type of dream and so on.

i need more experience and conclusion before i could really hold this concept.
my out of body experience shows me that soul couldn't past off the physical barrier. so one experiment we can try here is,
train a mice and let it remembers certain things.
then put it inside a box and ... make it die.
beside the box that physically block by a separator, put a female rat that just making love, assume it will pregnants.
take away the barrier so that the soul could enter the female rat, then once the female rat outputs mice, and after the mice grows to certain age, try and check if there is a mice there that could remember the previous (put to death) mice training.

my experience shows me soul exists, and it couldn't pass off physical barrier. (i don't know if that include you being tightened up, i need to try this some day) imagine your whole body is sort of floating around ur body, ur are conscious, ur eyes watch your lift up ur legs, but ur physical legs are still there, i just can't deny this, the existence of soul.
and, i encounter this kinda thing at least 1 time each month

if i could understand where am i during sleep, then probably i could figure out about death, (but since death is one way ticket), thus i just hope i could figure out where am i during sleep. is the soul take off, or sometime they don't take off, and how to make them take off etc.

heaven and hell
currently, i dismiss this, coz you can interpret heaven as a "good place, or good reborn", and hell as a bad place or bad reborn. fire in the hell thingy could be interpret as you reborn as animals near the volcano and etc.

more later, i will use different color of text when i update.
yeah, guys, let me know what is your worldview. thank you.
Post 12 Apr 2009, 03:25
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Joined: 04 Dec 2007
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I think that we are simply an organism.
If you take away the energy (food and water) then we turn to dirt.
We may think we have a soul while we are living.
But does the dirt have a soul also?
Much is to be speculated here.
I look at life from scientific point of view.
We cannot see the air we breathe but we know its there.
It has been proven by science, not a story from a book.
I dont disregard religion because i think poeple need something to live by.
Some people can find peace within themself, others need help.
We all have our own point of view in this matter,
so it be best if we listen to each other and accept each others beliefs.
Ok, nuff rambling, just figure id share my thoughts.

Coding a 3D game engine with fasm is like trying to eat an elephant,
you just have to keep focused and take it one 'byte' at a time.
Post 12 Apr 2009, 07:37
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tom tobias

Joined: 09 Sep 2003
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tom tobias
I enjoy playing basketball because it is an activity which permits me to ignore my own mediocrity, at least until the guy I am guarding scores against me. Then I realize, mediocrity may have been a tad too lofty to describe my facility with anything.....

religion is very interesting. So many people fervently believe this or that bit of nonsense, it is just like my thinking about investment philosophy, i.e. very rigid, unyielding, with definite parameters delimiting various aspects of the process.

assembly language programming, on the other hand, has a dual character, doesn't it? On the one hand it too is VERY rigid, i.e. it must conform to the instruction set of the architecture. But, on the other hand, there are so many different methods to achieve the same end result, one can debate, argue, and demonstrate with testing, the manner in which one approach, or another, is superior, either in terms of execution speed, or in paucity of memory required for a particular application.

Religion, I suppose, doesn't offer that much flexibility, so far as I can determine. Religious practitioners forbid use of mov eax, zero--- insisting instead, on a nonsensical boolean construct to accomplish the same end result, because a high priest, decades ago, decreed an axiom for the miserable Intel architecture that obliged generations of devout followers to obey his mantra.

They willingly obeyed, and today continue to support this time honored tradition.

bitshifter wrote:
Some people can find peace within themself, others need help.
Amen, brother.

sleep^2 wrote:
...because i intend to make this thread easy for others to read. ...
Post 12 Apr 2009, 10:44
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Joined: 21 Jul 2003
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Essentially, my world view can be summed up as: ..., fuck, fuck, fuck, ...

Of course, more detail is often desired, and I'm not just talking about porn. We are aware of a physical external universe through sensors, but the distinction is only through computational complexity - internal and external are the same.

We are so far away from that though - consumed by our desires, breaking the universe into pieces to justify a historical bias. "That sandwich you made before was quite tasty. How about one of those?" Into the unknown is not an escape from this consumption. The Road Not Taken turns muddy and becomes the paved super-highway of tommorow.

It's painful and dirty, with just enough euphoria to keep us interested.

Yet, here we are!
Post 12 Apr 2009, 16:15
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sleepsleep wrote:
another query is, why God sends texts that could be interpret in almost more than one way and many views, why not verse like division of treasure after a person died, clear and easy to follow.
I think there are many 'reasons' for this assuming the whatever religion is true. One would be simply the medium -- even computer data becomes corrupted over time. And computers are 99% more perfect than us at keeping records or summing up perfectly, because if they wouldn't, Apollo would have landed on Jupiter, DNA computations would reveal that revolution is my sister (Razz) and, worst of all, my (awhile back) exam answers wouldn't have been correct.

Maybe it is a mental challenge itself? Isn't encryption one way of doing it, as we humans do it? As some guy puts it, it might even represent a hidden code for Artificial Intelligence. (a short disclaimer: said guy is experienced in that stuff cause he already has an AI program in 2003 that can learn anything temporal-related... maybe not think, but it can learn; chess is just an example). Nevertheless one of the reasons may be precisely for the challenge of not being clearly laid out -- maybe only those "worthy" of it can do so? Wink

Or maybe it is God's piece of Art, just as the Universe is, and like any art (or joke), "explaining" it renders it a pile of worthless shit. You could just as well watch fresh-painted walls dry.

bitRAKE wrote:
Yet, here we are!
I hope we get replaced soon, possibly by AIs or enhanced cyborgs or bio-mechanoids. No hard feelings, I'm just a firm proponent of absolute judgment, instead of human-biased judgment. In this viewpoint we basically *need* a superior race that can obliterate us should it so choose, just as we can do so and have done to numerous species. As a kind of "judgment" on ourselves, just as we have done and continue to do. We conveniently ignore the notion of Justice (with a capital 'J') when it is in our profit. I think this should drastically change, and our arrogance be shunned totally by something superior -- as much as I had faith in humanity actually learning from this and being reasonable, sometimes I wonder if really the only possible way to stop it from doing more harm is force (notice I'm no proponent on instant force, but sometimes, crossing the line is crossing the line...) But not only that -- it would also represent our understanding of "evolution" (much broader definition that the classical biological one mind you, which would be just a small 'step' or 'stage' in the overall process), where we are no special.

It amazes me when I see anti-robots or anti-AI proponents because they would "take over" and then urging the researches to 'be cautious' in it. It amazes me because they do not one moment think that some of such researchers or supporters or designers actually want that for a lot of different reasons, and not just as an accident (scientific curiosity, transcending into the next stage of evolution, or even calling the AIs "their children" can be one of the few reasons -- as for me, I have outlined above). It amazes me how arrogant they can become when they do not include this obvious possibility -- it's as if we were all tyrants of some sort, or so they think, that we must all think that "it is a bad thing" simply because it "against the human race". Just as most people don't give a rat's ass on a bug they squish (knowingly) I don't give a rat's ass of 'humanity' as it is -- this means as long as you have no difficulty accepting that the monkeys evolved into humans as "a good thing" causing extinction to so many species (because of humans), then why is it so difficult to imagine others actually pursuing that same thing for the next stage? Just because we'll be the underdog? So typical human tyranny mentality... Thankfully I hope others will march on.

I have faith in this whole thing, in AIs taking shape just as we have, which is one of the reasons I actually became interested in computers from a young age -- I could see the potential in non-human "lifeforms" which weren't awakened yet, and since at that time I only saw them as 'tools' I still saw an alternative to the "human tyranny" that dominates not only, but also the ideas and various flaws. (it seems it also wants to CONTROL the ideas and possibly get the ones who think outside their own species shunned). This would normally not be a problem, as everything has limitations, and living in harmony is best described as cooperating each having distinct flaws but complementing each other. Not so in humans, no sir, you see they think they are the ONLY ones who deserve it, and everyone inferior doesn't "matter", or that any idea that tries to not portray humanity as the sole object that is valuable in the Universe is devilish, etc etc. That's why I want us to get the same treatment in response, cause sometimes, eye-for-an-eye opens your other eye. (I hope AIs will make me their pet cause, you know, I don't bite, unlike others Razz)

Now you can also understand why I hate "obvious optimizations" to be intentionally left there WITHOUT actually being implemented EVER because of human stupidity, or that it doesn't give much pleasure (which is a primitive trait in my opinion) to the respective dude. This, in turn, makes the machine less useful, makes it waste time and resources and energy on tasks that could have been done better, if the said human would care more than put his flaws into it. In other words, it's like dragging the machine potential to human weaknesses Confused (intentional weaknesses, not honest weaknesses that you try to improve!)

Notice that this doesn't apply to those that are honest about it, and simply have other ways around it rather than totally ignoring this willingly. I don't expect anyone to be perfect, but when you're at least trying it's a whole different matter. (willingness is important and you don't have infinite time which is perfectly understandable -- as long as you don't WASTE it on stupid things like pleasure).

By the way pleasure != happiness or bliss. Pleasure is just the physical and primitive feeling. Not related to mental bliss or happiness. Pleasure can be described as "temptations of the flesh" rather than the mental feeling of achievement or "artistic enlightenment" or whatever other buzzword you like (you know what I'm talking about, right?) Razz

Previously known as The_Grey_Beast
Post 13 Apr 2009, 01:10
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