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DOS386 30 Mar 2009, 01:41

Yesterday King Udo released a new "WIP" version of EDR-DOS Smile

The most important new feature is support of the GetFileInformationByHandle
- INT $21 /AX=$71A6 function that no other DOS has so far.


heh, 2 middle links ^^^ are broken, guess why Laughing

The returned attribute value seems to be buggy, though.

  les     bx,es:[bx]          ; go to next driver in chain
        jmp     get_colour10
   mov     ax,es:24[bx]                ; get current COLOUR parameters
     mov     dl,es:26[bx]
       mov     bx,4[bp]                ; and store them in variables
       mov     ds:[bx],ax
      mov     ds:2[bx],dl
     pop     es
  pop     bp

      push    bx
  push    ax
  db      0fh,31h                 ; RDTSC
     db      66h                     ; MOV ECX,lasttsc+4
 mov     cx,lasttsc+4
        db      66h                     ; MOV EBX,lasttsc
   mov     bx,lasttsc
  db      66h                     ; SUB EAX,EBX
       sub     ax,bx
       db      66h                     ; SBB EDX,ECX
       sbb     dx,cx
       cmp     tscsel,0
    je      diff_tsc10
  db      66h
 push    dx
  db      66h
 push    ax
  mov     dx,tscsel
   call    output_hex

And his assembler ^^^ seems a bit historical Laughing I'll upload some "related" FASM code later.

@Revolution: thanks, fixed Smile

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Post 30 Mar 2009, 01:41
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