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kalambong 02 May 2009, 03:49
Just wonder ...

Which bignum library you guys using? Any recommendtion?

Thanks !!
Post 02 May 2009, 03:49
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Verbosity in development

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vid 02 May 2009, 09:00
check out libtommath
Post 02 May 2009, 09:00
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Vasilev Vjacheslav

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Vasilev Vjacheslav 13 May 2009, 04:24
Post 13 May 2009, 04:24
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windwakr 14 May 2009, 02:32
Try to make your own, understand how big numbers are represented and stuff.
Heres some examples of big number things I have made,

Arbitrary Addition of two numbers:
The code for "hexword" procedure was borrowed from somewhere on the forum and was not coded by me, the rest was.
;Arbritrary Byte Length Adder, by -----
;Monday, December 17th, 2008 12/17/08 Smile

org 100h

;mov ax,03h
;int 10h

;Start of adding procedure
mov cx,[ndw]
xor bx,bx
mov eax,[n2+bx]
adc dword [n1+bx],eax
inc bx
inc bx
inc bx
inc bx
loop adder
;End of adding procedure

mov bx,[ndw]     ;Number start+(Number of DWords-1*4) is where you start at for displaying the hex.
dec bx
mov eax,4
mul bx
inc bx
mov edx,n1
add edx,eax
call hexword

key:             ;Simple escape key checking.
in al,60h
dec al
jnz key

          sub edx,4
          mov eax,[edx]
          mov ecx,8
          push ecx
          mov cl,4 
          rol eax,cl
          pop ecx
          push eax
          and al,0Fh 
          cmp al,10 
          sbb al,69h 
          int 29h 
          pop eax
          loop .begin
          dec ebx
          jnz hw

ndw dw 4 ;Number of DWords
;Store the last 8 eight numbers first and then the next to last 8 and so on...
n1: dd 23456789h,87654321h,23456789h,1h
n2: dd 87654321h,23456789h,87654321h,9h
;  1 23456789 87654321 23456789h
;+ 9 87654321 23456789 87654321h

And a 64-bit divider that gives base-10 results:

WARNING: CODE IS HORRIBLE! I just wanted to quickly test an idea, don't bother examining the code, youll go crazy. Hell, I dont even see how it works anymore, and I wrote it!Thats what I get for writing sloppy code and not writing comments....

Based partially on the C code big number library HERE.
include 'win32ax.inc'

bignum1 dq 18446744073709551615   ;should be 138 Hex or 312 Dec
bignum2 dq 58975341838695231      ;remainder should be A4FA966591CB37 HEX or 46437420036639543 Dec
bigtemp dq ?;10
bigtemp2 dq ?

title db '...',0
fmt2 db '%s Divided by %s is:',13,10,'%s',13,10,'With a remainder of: %s',0;,13,10,'Remainder: %s',0
text dd 0,0
align 4
buf1 rb 64
buf2 rb 64
buf3 rb 64
buf4 rb 64
buf5 rb 64

mov eax,dword[bignum1]
mov dword[buf5],eax
mov eax,dword[bignum1+4]
mov dword[buf5+4],eax
mov eax,dword[bignum2]
mov dword[buf5+8],eax
mov eax,dword[bignum2+4]
mov dword[buf5+12],eax

call todec
mov ecx,16
mov esi,buf1
mov edi,buf2
rep movsd
mov eax,dword[buf5+8]
mov dword[bignum1],eax
mov eax,dword[buf5+12]
mov dword[bignum1+4],eax
call todec
mov ecx,16
mov esi,buf1
mov edi,buf3
rep movsd
mov eax,dword[buf5]
mov dword[bignum1],eax
mov eax,dword[buf5+4]
mov dword[bignum1+4],eax
mov eax,dword[buf5+8]
mov dword[bignum2],eax
mov eax,dword[buf5+12]
mov dword[bignum2+4],eax
call divide
mov eax,dword[bigtemp]
mov dword[bigtemp2],eax
mov eax,dword[bigtemp+4]
mov dword[bigtemp2+4],eax
call todec
mov ecx,16
mov esi,buf1
mov edi,buf4
rep movsd
mov eax,dword[bigtemp2]
mov dword[bignum1],eax
mov eax,dword[bigtemp2+4]
mov dword[bignum1+4],eax
call todec
mov ecx,16
mov esi,buf1
mov edi,buf5
rep movsd
cinvoke wsprintf,buf1,fmt2,buf2,buf3,buf4,buf5
;call divide
invoke MessageBox,NULL,buf1,title,MB_OK
invoke ExitProcess,0

mov ecx,16
mov dword[buf1+ecx],0
loop @b
mov dword[buf1],0
mov dword[bignum2],10
mov dword[bignum2+4],0
push 0
call divide
add dword[bigtemp],'0'
push dword[bigtemp]
mov eax,dword[bignum1+4]
cmp eax,dword[bignum2+4]
ja looper
mov eax,dword[bignum1]
cmp eax,dword[bignum2]
ja looper
;je @f
add dword[bignum1],'0'
push dword[bignum1]
pop eax
or eax,eax
jz done
mov [text],eax
invoke lstrcat,buf1,text
jmp @b
;cinvoke wsprintf,buf2,fmt2,buf1

;cinvoke wsprintf,buf1,fmt,dword[bignum1+4]
;cinvoke wsprintf,buf2,fmt,dword[bignum1]
;invoke lstrcat,buf1,buf2
;cinvoke wsprintf,buf3,fmt,dword[bigtemp+4]
;cinvoke wsprintf,buf4,fmt,dword[bigtemp]
;invoke lstrcat,buf3,buf4
;cinvoke wsprintf,buf2,fmt2,buf1,buf3

;invoke MessageBox,NULL,buf2,buf1,MB_OK
;invoke ExitProcess,0

mov dword[bigtemp],0
mov dword[bigtemp+4],0
mov edx,65
rcl dword [bignum1], 1
rcl dword [bignum1+4], 1
dec edx
jz done2
rcl dword[bigtemp],1
rcl dword[bigtemp+4],1
mov eax,dword[bigtemp+4]
cmp eax,dword[bignum2+4]
ja next
jae @f
jmp looper2
mov eax,dword[bigtemp]
cmp eax,dword[bignum2]
jae next
jmp looper2
mov eax, dword [bignum2]
sub dword [bigtemp], eax
mov eax, dword [bignum2+4]
sbb dword [bigtemp+4], eax
jmp looper2
.end start

----> * <---- My star, won HERE

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Post 14 May 2009, 02:32
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f0dder 17 May 2009, 14:37
Another alternative would be GNU MP.
Post 17 May 2009, 14:37
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