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asmdemon 16 May 2008, 03:11
This one is easy to represent. Download http://flatassembler.net/examples/quetannon.zip from examples section on this site.

This familiar example, "Demonstration of using WinSock library to make TCP/IP connections.
Written by Tomasz Grysztar" NO LONGER compiles. Sadly i'm unaware of why.

I'm using Ver. 1.67.26 for windows, and other examples compile including source for fasm compiles fine, but i get the following error compiling this example:
line 100:  mov     [saddr.sin_addr],0  
Error undefined symbol 'saddr.sin_addr'     

I lack the compiler internal knowledge to try to find the problem, so if anyone else has encountered this issue, plz tell me how to fix it, else can Tomasz plz look to see if the problem is due to a new version edit?

EDIT: After a little test and source code searching i found the problem. the INCLUDE\EQUATES\WSOCK32.INC file has " . " in front of every item in the structs. remove these leading periods . . . . to fix the problem.

old code:
struct WSADATA
  .wVersion       dw ?
  .wHighVersion   dw ?
  .szDescription  rb 256+1
  .szSystemStatus rb 128+1
  .iMaxSockets    dw ?
  .iMaxUdpDg      dw ?
  .lpVendorInfo   dd ?

change to this:
struct WSADATA
  wVersion       dw ?
  wHighVersion   dw ?
  szDescription  rb 256+1
  szSystemStatus rb 128+1
  iMaxSockets    dw ?
  iMaxUdpDg      dw ?
  lpVendorInfo   dd ?

It is better to be on the right side of the devil than in his path.
Post 16 May 2008, 03:11
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sinsi 16 May 2008, 03:27
Mine compiles OK, except I had to put the full 'c:\fasm\include\win32a.inc' instead.

edit: cross-posted.
Post 16 May 2008, 03:27
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