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Joined: 12 Aug 2006
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Are there any base hook examples available to the public that are written in FASM?.

I'd like to learn the methods of api hooking / code injection for DLLs (but without using one). Yes, this will be used with OpenGL32.DLL

Today I read a few articles on "EAT hooking" ... but of course, my code doesn't work at all (I could blame the guy who wrote the tutorial and also myself for reading it / not understanding the methods).

Just in case: I hate cheaters as much as you might hate them, but if I don't understand how they are doing it, how am I supposed to prevent it in the future?. I'm learning about all there is to the subject, just so I can prevent it in my games on the future, but, again, for what I could read... it seems as if theres no way of preventing this at all. Almost as nasty as pirating Sad

Im new, sorry if I bothered with any stupid question Smile
Post 28 Feb 2008, 01:39
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Joined: 14 Nov 2007
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Got it! Go back to the main FASM site, did u even check the examples page??? Right there, "Windows Hooking Examples"., of course in FASM.
Post 28 Feb 2008, 03:14
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Joined: 12 Aug 2006
Posts: 54
Thanks! - I used to keep an eye on that page, but since I never really saw any updates for a long while I stopped doing that Razz

Is detouring any good?, what's the deal with "kernel mode hooking" (or similar) - are those simple global hooks or is there more than that?

Lately cheats are hooking on the actual anti-cheat application rather than the game itself! - Simply disabling the anti-cheat's hash checks on the game contents (ie flagging all "ok" when in reality it isn't) as well as other nasty things they do to disable as much of the security this anti-cheat client has to offer.

If you think about it, it makes more sense to disable this program and then run any cheat you want than trying to fight against it. Although Reverse engineering this clients takes a lot of time, I believe theres nothing one can do to prevent someone from tampering it and ultimately playing with cheats.

I'm just trying to find a way to know when something like this happens on my own application... would this be possible? (I know they'll end up reversing it but until they find it through the obscured code at least I won a few days).

Reason I'm so paranoid is because this will be used by people that play in my game server and of course, if they can they will tamper it.

The good thing about using a custom system is that it's not "public" (ie only people playing at my closed server has access to it) ... yet it doesn't mean they can't work around it.

Systems like SXE seem to have an emulated device to perform the checks, am I correct? ( I can tell this because I got several crashes and they were all related to a device created by this application ).

What's the point in doing that?, could someone explain me the theory?. I know I can't beat the cheaters but as long as I can keep them away from the cheats, I'll be happy. Even though players in this server are people we all know, we've been suffering a few obvious cheating situations in the last weeks (not surprisingly we found the source of this, some idiot made a cheat and is offering it for 30 euros...).

Heh.. I know I shouldn't make such a big deal out of this but since I'm coding it on the weekends and for fun (hey you never stop learning new stuff!) and since I'm new to all this, I figured more than one around this forums know about the subject better than me.


Im new, sorry if I bothered with any stupid question Smile
Post 29 Feb 2008, 01:23
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