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Your code has a bug

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Do you think such technology is new? It has been present on very old compilers actually. Look at the following Visual Basic 6 application dissasembly
004931D6   . 33D2           XOR EDX,EDX
004931D8   . 8A1401         MOV DL,BYTE PTR DS:[ECX+EAX]
004931DB   . 8BC6           MOV EAX,ESI
004931DD   . 8BCA           MOV ECX,EDX
004931DF   . 25 FF000000    AND EAX,0FF
004931E4   . 33C8           XOR ECX,EAX
004931E6   . 8BC6           MOV EAX,ESI
004931E8   . 24 00          AND AL,0
004931EA   . 99             CDQ
004931EB   . 81E2 FF000000  AND EDX,0FF
004931F1   . 03C2           ADD EAX,EDX
004931F3   . C1F8 08        SAR EAX,8
004931F6   . 25 FFFFFF00    AND EAX,0FFFFFF
004931FB   . 8BF0           MOV ESI,EAX
004931FD   . 8B43 34        MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EBX+34]
00493200   . 3BC7           CMP EAX,EDI    

After passing the DeMazeGenizer we get this code:
xor  edx, edx
mov  dl, [ecx+eax] 
mov  eax, esi 
mov  ecx, edx 
xor  cl, al        ;and  eax, $FF
                   ;xor  ecx, eax
mov  eax, esi
shr  eax, 8        ;and  al, 0
                   ;and  edx, $FF
                   ;add  eax, edx
                   ;sar  eax, 8
                   ;and  eax, $FFFFFF
mov  esi, eax
mov  eax, [ebx+34] 
cmp  eax, edi    

Post your favourite compiler generated obfuscation (or completelly stupid code sequence) here Very Happy
Post 29 Jun 2007, 14:07
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