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Crinan 20 Apr 2007, 05:28
I am experienced in 16-bit assembler and high-level Windows programming, but was a dummy when it came to 32-bit Fasm and Win32 API. So I decided to develop a set of macros to handle the basic Windows functions and so let me get on with programming proper.
These macros cater for the usual Windows controls, bitmap images and timers, as well as File IO, parameter access, date handling, and numeric editing.
There may be other newcomers who might find this useful and, if you want to go further, these macros could be used as stepping stones.
For experienced Fasm users, these are probably of no great interest. The macros and routines come with three examples and a file of macro descriptions in a zip file of about 32kb. The following program is an example of how it looks in practice. It is the equivalent of the Fasm Minipad example.

include '\Fasm\Include\win32ax.inc'
include '\Fasm\Include\macro\masm.inc'
include '\Fsm\Genmacros.inc'
include '\Fsm\Winmacros.inc'
Windata 3,1
Abouttext db 'This is Win32 example program created with flat assembler.',0
Crefont Editfont,'Courier New',16
Crewindow 'Tinypad',144,128,256,256
Crecontrol EDITBOX,Editref,,' ',2,22,246,202,Editfont
Crecontrol BUTTON,Newref,Newproc,'New',10,2,60,18
Crecontrol BUTTON,Helpref,Helpproc,'Help',80,2,60,18
invoke ExitProcess,Exitcode
Set Editref,TEXT,''
Message 'About MiniPad',Abouttext,0
include '\Fsm\Routines.inc'
.end start

Filename: Dummy.zip
Filesize: 31.48 KB
Downloaded: 323 Time(s)

Post 20 Apr 2007, 05:28
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