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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
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i am trying to code some device drivers and im kinda stuck ... i have a few questions Smile
this is what i have for now:
format PE native 4.0 at 10000h
entry DriverEntry

; include windowz 32 header
include 'win32a.inc'

 Length          dw ?
 MaximumLength   dw ?
 Buffer          dd ?                    ; offset

section '.text' code readable executable

proc DriverEntry, DriverObject, RegPath


         invoke     RtlInitUnicodeString, driver_us, driver_name
         invoke     IoCreateDevice,dword [DriverObject], NULL, driver_name, FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN, NULL, NULL, driver_object

section '.data' data readable writable

driver_object       dd ?

driver_us           UNICODE_STRING
driver_name     du  "\Device\kmd",0

symlink         du  "\??\kmd0",0
sym_us              UNICODE_STRING

section '.idata' import data readable writable

  library ntoskrnl,                    'ntoskrnl.exe'

  import  ntoskrnl,\
          IoCreateDevice,              'IoCreateDevice',\
          RtlInitUnicodeString,        'RtlInitUnicodeString'

is the stuff in the data section defined correctly or am i missing something ? and why is that 'at 10000h' needed when declaring the format ? if everything is okay with the code , and if i make a loader for this driver could this code actually work ?
im really a beginner in coding KMD's and people arent talking much about coding KMD's on this forum .. so its kinda hard.

thanks in advance,
Post 04 Jan 2007, 21:22
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
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Using a non-default base for drivers is a good idea, you want to try to avoid getting relocated if you can (dirty pages, etc.).

Been a while since I messed with driver coding and heading for bed soon, so I'm not going to check your code further. But some tips:

#1 - close down all processes you don't need while testing
#2 - sync.exe from sysinternals to keep a BSOD from trashing your system too much.
#3 - dedicated testing machine or vmware.
Post 04 Jan 2007, 21:43
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