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Mark Larson

Joined: 04 Nov 2006
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Mark Larson 10 Nov 2006, 02:51
I made an SDL program that displays a jpg to the screen. It also prints the FPS to the console when the program closes. I run it about 10+ seconds to get accurate timings. You can hit alt-f4 or click on the close box to close it. I modified my PROC32.INC, so I included it so you can get my code to compile correctly. You'll need to install libSDL if you haven't already. I included the file I used to compile it c5. c5 removes some options used by GCC to make it compile really small. You have to use GCC since you I am using libSDL. The image that gets displayed is background.jpg. The source code is image.asm

here's what c5 looks like. It removes a number of gcc libraries so it doesn't compile as large
fasm image.asm 
gcc -o image -s image.o -nostartfiles -nostdlib -lSDL -lc -lSDL_image
ls -la image 

Filename: image.zip
Filesize: 8.05 KB
Downloaded: 673 Time(s)

BIOS programmers do it fastest! Wink
Post 10 Nov 2006, 02:51
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