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I am making a compiler for a basic-like language (programmed in PureBasic, outputs fasm-syntax assembly).

It's lacking a lot (most) functionality yet, mainly because I've focused exclusively on the code quality until now to get a solid base.

Basic-like language
Three variable types: Int, Float and Byte (all signed)
Five operators: = + - * /
Precedence levels: (* and /), then (+ and -) then (=)
Use parenthesis to force operator precedence. So in a+b*c, b*c is done first, but in (a+b)*c, a+b is done first
Do an assignment by typing variable = expression
Declare a variable by typing DIM variablename AS TYPE
The compiler is case-INsensitive and must be run from the command line. It processes the contents of input.rq

The generated code for the conditionals isn't very good yet, but this will be fixed. At the moment I have also added IF .. ELSE .. ENDIF and two more operators (< and >), but the compiler is in the middle of a turmoil to implement units, automatic assembling and linking and strings, so I can't show it as it is.

Please try it and tell me what you think of the generated code (except for if, while and repeat) and report any bugs you find.

Download: http://home.no.net/tsg1zzn/c9.zip
Forums: http://lasic.frac.dk/forum/

Some useless sample code:
Dim a As int
dim b as int
dim c as int
dim d as int
dim e as int
dim pineapple as int

dim r as byte
dim g as byte

Dim float As FLOAT
dim goat as float

a = b*(float*(c/(d*(e))))

a = 0
  a = a + 1
  b = a
until a = 50000000

while b
  b = b + 1

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Post 31 Oct 2006, 15:39
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Remy Vincent

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Remy Vincent
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FIRST I was thinking that the output was done by some PRINT PRINT PRINT...
Then, I added the line "A = 11" and guess what?? well you know your program the output was ok... But why are you stopping your programming ??? may be you should start a simple REGULAR EXPRESSION COMPILER; instead of a total compiler...

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Post 01 Nov 2006, 00:15
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