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i know i've seen a post about this already.

but i've used Mandrake 2005 Limited Edition, worked it quite well, i used to be on aol 56k/1mb and i managed on both to get them online and working, one of the very few. i even provided a tutorial for the 1mb version.

i am wondering what you would suggest as a distro to use with fasm. linux on my computer gets 100gb space. it would get 240gb but well linux isn't great at windows games yet, maybe in the future.

i downloaded slackware, the install looked nasty, those old style windows dos installs. i went through it with the best i could with little understanding of what i was doing, it went to reboot my computer and it booted into windows.

unfortunatly due to some crap bios i have (can't upgrade cause bios gets stupid and tries to assign my hardware the same memory space, so quickly they run out of memory and things won't run)

because of this i have to leave about 12.5gb at the end of my first hd. 10gb for root files/boot etc. 2.5 for swap.

so which os would u suggest for use with fasm. also which desktop, i've used kde. i liked it, i tried fluxbox, i saw screenshots and it looked sexy, but i didn't spend enough time to make mine look good or use it properly

also on linux, which IDE do you suggest to use with fasm, i currently on windows use the fresh version. although had issues with the .cab one (refused to save correctly the .zip version was fine)

so i guess i need a easy to install, or one with loads of doc's i guess slackware has them, i just was offline (from june to, 2 weeks ago whilst i waited for BT(english phone company) to find me space for me to get the net (wierd exchange crap))

and to tag this on.
anyone got any Fasm win/lin tutorials i am using currently the wiki ASM 32Bits book
i heard there isn't many docs for fasm. but hey i am sure u can find a beginner somthing.
Post 10 Sep 2005, 07:30
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