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could someone help to find a better way for referencing a variable in a record?

i have a record like:
LINE width x-start y-start x-end y-end
byte word word word word

i could define a structure like

struc linestruct width,xs,ys,xe,ye
.w db width
.x-start dw xs
.y-start dw ys
.x-end dw xe
.y-end dw ye

firstline linestruct 20,300,400,340,540


and then address like

mov al,[firstline.w]
mov ax,[firstline.x-start]

now, what i cant do is if i already have a large amount of elements in my array,
somewhat like if it was defined like

TestLine: ; addresss of record
db 44  ; width
dw 433 ; x start
dw 433 ; y start
dw 433 ; x end
dw 433 ; y end


and addresss like
mov al,[TestLine] ; width
mov ax,[TestLine+1] ; x start
mov ax,[TestLine+3] ; y start

is there some function in fasm to make this [TestLine+3] to look somewhat more friendly like [TestLine.ystart] ?

this is only a cosmetic question...
Post 19 Jun 2005, 00:31
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