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Hugh-Aguilar 24 Mar 2024, 02:48
Hugh-Aguilar wrote:

Well, I wrote my assembler/simulator for my processor. Smile

I had planned on working with Russia on this PAZ processor (they do the hardware, I do the software). The idea of making this a Russian/American joint project fell through when we hit Moscow with a drone strike. Russia is not talking to me anymore, which is not really fair because I didn't have anything to do with bombing Moscow and I would have advised against it in the unlikely case that anybody had asked my opinion. In the Vietnam War, Russia provided weapons to Uncle Ho, but Russia did not take the next step up which would be to bomb America. In this Ukraine War, America provides weapons to Zylensky, but we also took the next step up which was to bomb Moscow --- so, we crossed a line in this war that Russia did not cross in the Vietnam War --- the last I heard from the Russians, they were talking about allying with some Mexican drug cartels to launch drone strikes on America from Mexico, then all discussion ended.
Are any of you still in contact with anybody in Russia?
I know that Germany is supporting Zylensky. Is Poland taking sides?

At a gun show I talked to a guy "Mark" who says he has been to Ukraine multiple times, although he won't say what his business there is. He is really a Nazi. He talks up the idea of "White Power" and how the White race could totally crush the other races if we could only get organized (this will never happen because most White people including myself want peace and won't support a race war). Mark said that he has seen training camps in Ukraine where Nazis obtain weapons and training that they take back to Europe for use in this upcoming race war --- primarily in Germany and Poland.
Are any of you aware of Nazis in Europe trying to rise again? For the Ukraine War to spill over into Europe would be the worst possible outcome! Sad
Poland has a gigantic border with eastern Ukraine, so if weapons are being brought into Europe, it would be across this border. Is there anything similar to the Azov Battalion in Poland?

My PAZ processor was intended to be joint Russian/American. If people in the two countries are working together, they will be peaceful toward each other (note that "paz" is the Spanish word for peace). This isn't really the way that the world works though. I read in the newspaper that MicroChip (maker of the PIC18, PIC24, PIC32, etc.) has received a $162 million subsidy to make America more competitive in the microchip market. It would be very difficult for my PAZ design to compete against such a heavily funded opponent! Economic-stimulus subsidies distort the market and stifle innovation. Imagine if Motorola had received a multimillion dollar subsidy in the early 1990s --- we would still be using the 68K processor today --- the 68K would still be a bad design though...
Everybody would be scrambling to prove that they are 68K experts so they can get some of that mega-dollar subsidy. All of these 68K experts would praise the 68K as the greatest processor design of all time. Nobody would stand up to say: "The emperor has no clothes!"

I'm thinking of posting my HJA430 assembler code. I wouldn't mind having users --- I just don't want followers who aspire to become leaders --- if I give away the source-code though, then it will likely get stolen the way that Menuet got stolen.
I didn't put very much work into HJA430 though, whereas Menuet was a colossal work, so if HJA430 gets stolen, it gets stolen. I originally wrote HJA430 because I wanted to build an FPGA processor that was a super-set of the MSP-430 --- that is not a very good idea though --- I think my PAZ design is better, although it is not compatible with anything.

The PAZ design has these features:
* Each instruction is one clock cycle. This should simplify the Verilog.
* It runs on the inexpensive Lattice iCE40HX8K FPGA.
* It has support for running a byte-code VM in external memory. This allows the main-program to be written in Forth (or any other high-level language) with some speed-critical application-specific code written in assembly-language as primitives, and the ISRs written in assembly-language too.

I no longer think that a CISC processor such as the MSP430 is a good choice for an FPGA. The PAZ is very much a RISC.

In the HJA430 manual I said:
The three primary virtues of HJA430 are:
* Multiple instructions can be put on the same line. We don't have the bizarre restriction of traditional assemblers of only one instruction per line.
* We have code-blocks that can be nested to any level. Control-flow can be done with code-blocks rather than labels. This allows for structured programming, rather than "spaghetti code."
* The macro facility is designed to be more powerful than any traditional macro-assembler.

I really don't understand why assemblers such as FASM allow only one instruction per line and also lack code-blocks. What is the point of these restrictions??? This is the reason why pretty much everybody, including myself, dislikes programming in mainstream assemblers --- that is some ugly code! --- getting rid of these restrictions is really not difficult; I've written multiple assemblers without these restrictions (I never even considered putting these restrictions in an assembler because there is nothing to be gained by doing so).

I would like to start a website similar to the FASM forum where I could post HJA430 and other code, such as the assembler/simulator for my PAZ processor design. I would also allow other people to have sub-forums supporting whatever they are doing. All of these topics would be fringe ideas that have little or no chance of becoming mainstream. My assemblers, for example, are very fringe. The mainstream assemblers for the various processors all lack the features I described above, and they all look pretty much the same as the assemblers that we had in the 1970s --- this is obviously what the world wants, although I don't know why. I would still like to see the FASM enthusiasts write an MSP430 assembler using FASM/G. I would give this a sub-forum --- I would be very interested in learning what advantage this has over my assembler.
What software is used for the FASM forum? Is it free?

When all else fails, write the source.
Post 24 Mar 2024, 02:48
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