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Tycho 23 Aug 2018, 16:04
Everything you always wanted to know about your CPU. A program to view most of the information collectable by the CPUID instruction. I'm properly not the first guy that makes this kind of tool, but I like creating my own tools for no reason (I learn a lot from this). I'm open for missing flags, bugs or feature requests Smile.

It's written for Windows, Linux, both x64 and x86. Just compile the correct header for your system.


Description: Screenshot
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Description: Source CPUID tool
Filename: CPUID_tool.zip
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--Love Flat Assembler: small, fast and free --
Post 23 Aug 2018, 16:04
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Joined: 12 Oct 2018
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MacroZ 14 Oct 2018, 18:09
It looks professional. I think the community will appreciate it if you could create a small macro library solely for cpuid use, very useful piece of kit. Smile

We need more of this and (everything really)

The more that is provided, the more time is saved for other asm coders. And since the asm community is relatively small, secrets stay between us.
Post 14 Oct 2018, 18:09
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Joined: 31 Jan 2023
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bitdog2u 31 Jan 2023, 14:15
Thanks: for that, but, have you got any more downloadable tools ?
Old posts, I could search for your name/posts/etc.... If you've linked your stuff before???
What I'm looking for is an INCLUDE FILE depository, so i can see the code, alter it, and include it in my .ASM's . Do you know of such a site ???
I've got a lot of stuff from other and nothing works, missing include files, it's not for FASM, misrepresented description, the guy didn't even check to see if it works before he uploaded it, ETC. You know how that goes. I once put had a website that offered up my FASMENV.zip for beginner DOS 16 programmers, but that was a life time ago. And that's about what I'm looking for now. To take it to the next level....
It's been 20 years since I was prgramming last....


PS, I use to have the log in name of bitdog here. I lost my password, had to change my Email address, and could get an account here under my old name because some one was using my name according to Mr Fasm, and that someone is me.. Do you know how to fix that...????

PS2, To get an active account here so I could learn how to convert HEX to DECimal, I had to convert HEX to DECimal. What up with that ??????
& it was a 5 digit hex number and I'm a 16 bit man. Microsoft can't even do that.

Fortunately I knew how to do that, but if I was a complete beginner, I couldn't begin here because of that......
MSDOS 2.0 Tcode5.ASM could count DX:AX to 394,967,295 even with Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer working on it. But Peter Cordes method3 got 0xFFFFFFFF to = 4,294,967,295
or that's my best guess at that history .
So I now have a FASM include file that prints out DX:AX
I could share if there was a FASM INCLUDE FILE DEPOSITORY.
Or, how do I get a website of my own ?
I once had an AT&T account that gave me 10 meg I could link to.
So a text file that had .zip file description & copy/paste link was all that was needed.
If it was a depository, I could zip up all the little files into one download for all to have.
ENDmsg =$-Thanks
Post 31 Jan 2023, 14:15
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