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stefano 29 Feb 2020, 14:05
I just wrote my first ELF64 file that uses GLFW to create a window Smile
I used as a template the example included with fasm located at './examples/elfexe/dynamic/hello64.asm' and used as reference the example code available at https://www.glfw.org/documentation.html.

format ELF64 executable 3
entry start

include 'import64.inc'

interpreter '/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2'
needed 'libc.so.6'
needed 'libGL.so'
needed 'libglfw.so'
import printf,exit,glfwInit,glfwCreateWindow,glfwTerminate,glfwMakeContextCurrent,glfwWindowShouldClose,glClear,glfwSwapBuffers,glfwPollEvents

segment readable executable

        call    [glfwInit]
        cmp     rax,1
        jne     error
        mov     r8,0
        mov     rcx,0
        lea     rdx,[msg]
        mov     rsi,480
        mov     rdi,640
        call    [glfwCreateWindow]
        cmp     rax,0
        je      error
        mov     [window], rax   
        mov     rdi,[window]
        call    [glfwMakeContextCurrent]
        mov     rdi,[window] ;when using "lea" glfwWindowShouldClose always returned 0
        call    [glfwWindowShouldClose]
        cmp     rax,0
        jne     terminate
        mov     rdi,16384 ;GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT
        call    [glClear]
        mov     rdi,[window]
        call    [glfwSwapBuffers]
        call    [glfwPollEvents]
        jmp     waitforclose
        lea     rdi,[emsg]
        xor     eax,eax
        call    [printf]
        call    [glfwTerminate] 
        call    [exit]

segment readable writeable

msg db 'a window',0
emsg db 'error',0xa,0
window dq ?

I tried the X11 examples available in the forum but I was getting "segmentation fault" related to 'libxcb.so' and I couldn't identify the issue. That's why I decided to try with that example once I understood what I had to do.

Thanks to the videos that Tomasz uploaded to Youtube I've been able to understand a lot of things that I hadn't until now. I hope he keeps uploading new content!

Any feedback about the code is appreciated. It helps me to learn something new and understand better what's going on Laughing

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Post 29 Feb 2020, 14:05
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