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ProMiNick 09 Oct 2017, 11:29
It is possible to realize fasmg as opcodeset?
I readed such suggestion or something closed to it before, but lost where exactly.
Is such implementation of fasmg able to improve compilation speed?

Is any development in that direction? I interest in process if is...

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Post 09 Oct 2017, 11:29
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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 09 Oct 2017, 11:50
One of my original ideas for fasmg was to make a kind of assembler construction kit out of it, where you could write instruction handlers as a native code linked to the assembler just like implementation of x86 instruction in fasm 1. For example the hypothetical fasm 2 would have to be made in such way.

The internals of fasmg were designed with this purpose in mind, but I did not pursue the idea further, as I concentrated on the writing various macro sets - because so far the performance of macro language was mostly enough for all my needs while being very satisfying to work with. For example Mach-O formatting was finally possible for me thanks to the capabilities of fasmg that allowed me to freely experiment with the data structures of this format with little to no headaches.

Then recently an idea was discussed of allowing to include instruction handlers written in some kind of VM opcode set instead of writing native handlers in a fasm-1-like way. I think this could be an interesting idea, but I would still recommend to start with writing native handlers instead (like Mike Gonta's fasm-2-like proof of concept). I do not have any serious plans to work on such VM myself - making sure that it would be secure would require a lot of work. I plan to focus more on writing more tutorials on fasmg features and internals, perhaps including guides that may help to create custom assemblers with native instruction handlers.
Post 09 Oct 2017, 11:50
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