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Joined: 21 Nov 2004
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i have run menuetos in bochsX on the xbox with some success,

it's cool, the mouse is the control pad! (but i can't click anything)

all i did was dl the menuetos.img and change the bochsxbox file

floppya: 1_44="d:\menuetos.img", status=inserted
boot: a

then boot menu press 0, 1 (mtr) 1(usb/ps2) 1(load from floopy)

but if menuetos is pure ASM, and the xbox is i386, files in ASM then would it work on xbox platform? linux have a bootloader for xbox, could this boot menuetos?

here is some xbox asm examples


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Post 21 Nov 2004, 04:04
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Joined: 21 Nov 2004
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does menuetos support many of these devices?

|-- Intel Pentium III / Celeron CPU
|-- Flash ROM
`-- PCI bus
|-- Programmable Interrupt Controller
|-- System Timer
|-- DMA Controller
|-- PCI Bridge Device - Host Bridge (0:0:0, 0x2a5)
|-- Memory Controller - SDRAM (0:0:3, 0x2a6)
|-- HUB Interface - ISA Bridge (0:1:0, 0x1b2) [nForce]
|-- SMBus Controller (0:1:1, 0x1b4) [nForce]
| |-- PIC16LC
| |-- CX25871/FS454/Xcalibur Video Encoder
| |-- ADM1032 System Temperature Monitor
| `-- Serial EEPROM
|-- OHCI USB Controller (0:2:0, 0x1c2) [nForce]
|-- OHCI USB Controller (0:3:0, 0x1c2) [nForce]
|-- MCP Networking Adapter (0:4:0, 0x1c3) [nForce]
|-- MCP APU (0:5:0, 0x1b0) [nForce]
|-- Audio Codec Interface (0:6:0, 0x1b1) [nForce]
|-- Simple Communication Controller - Generic Modem (0:6:1, 0x1c1) [???]
|-- IDE Controller (0:9:0, 0x1bc) [nForce]
| |-- Primary IDE Channel
| | |-- Hard Drive
| | `-- DVD Drive
| `--- Secondary IDE Channel
|-- PCI Bridge (0:8:0, 0x1b8) [nForce]
`-- AGP Host to PCI Bridge (0:30:0, 0x1b7) [nForce]
`-- NV2A GeForce3 Integrated GPU (1:0:0, 0x2a0)

Post 21 Nov 2004, 11:41
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The xbox is a just a pc, you could run menuetos with some mods, eg: take out the 16bit code, do not use vesa, but write to screen like this
; code.asm; C:>nasm code.asm -o code.xbe; This includeds the header information for the xbe file.%include "header.asm"; CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE; CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE ** CODE; Lets jump to the entry point in our code; e.g. like we do with main() in C...jmp   startframebuffer:dd    0xf0010000 + 640*320 + 80;;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DrawPixel:;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; Setup Functionpush  ebp                           ; Setup our functionmov   ebp, esp; ecx = y;; ebx = x; ecx*=640; ecx = x+y*640mov   ecx, DWORD [ebp+12]                 ; put y pos in ecximul  ecx, 640    mov   ebx, DWORD [ebp+8]                  ; put x pos int edxadd   ecx, ebx                       ; hence ecx = x+y*640mov   ebx, DWORD [framebuffer]      ; Get the location in memory ; where we will put this pixel ; e.g. framebuffer; Put blue pixel into memorymov   eax, DWORD [ebp+16]                 ; put pixel colour in eaxand   eax, 255mov   BYTE [ebx+ecx*4], al; Put green pixel into memorymov   eax, DWORD [ebp+16]                 ; put pixel colour in edxand   eax, 65280shr   eax, 8mov   BYTE [ebx+ecx*4+1], al; Put red pixel into memorymov   eax, DWORD [ebp+16]and   eax, 16711680shr   eax, 16mov   BYTE [ebx+ecx*4+2], al; tidy up and return from function callpop   ebpret   0;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; End of DrawPixel;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; Globals;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~xpos:dd    310                     ; width/2 = 640/2 = 310ypos:dd    240                     ; height/2 = 480/2 = 240      colour:dd    0xff0000              ; Red colour pixelxloop:                      ; We do a simple loop; and draw a small linedd    0x50;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~start:;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a_loop:; This is the same as DrawPixel(x, y, colour) push  DWORD [colour]push DWORD [ypos]push  DWORD [xpos]call  DrawPixeladd   esp, 12; Increment the ypos.mov   eax, [ypos]add   eax, 1mov   [ypos], eax; Loop around 100 times back to loopx - as; sometimes people say...I can't see; the red pixel...so using this simple asm ;loop... we've managed to draw a ; simple line : mov eax, [xloop] dec eax mov [xloop],eaxjne a_loop; Program has now finished, so we ;simply just stay here and loop Smilebbb:   jmp bbb;; END OF CODE ** END OF CODE ** END OF CODE ** END OF CODE ; END OF CODE ** END OF CODE ** END OF CODE ** END OF CODE TIMES 0x6000-($-$$) DB 0x90   ; this will make our section finish at 0x6000 ; from the start of the file.TIMES 0x7000-($-$$) DB 0x0    ; And of course, this will make our file size ; equal to 0x7000 a nice round number - ; 0x7000 is 28672bytes... so if you assemble the file ; you should find its that size exactly.    

The above code fill screen with color and draws a line.
eject_cd:mov dx, 0xc004mov al, 0x20out dx, almov dx, 0xc008  ; commandmov al, 0x0Cout dx, almov dx, 0xc006  ; datamov al, 0x0out dx, almov dx, 0xc000in ax, dxout dx, almov dx, 0xc002mov al, 0x1aout dx, aldelay:mov eax, 1000000 ; Small delay looploopx:dec eaxjne loopxaa:jmp aa    

The above code eject dvd.

So yes you could with some mods, with dircet programming, remember you know what the hardware is .

Batteries not included, Some assembly required.
Post 21 Nov 2004, 18:31
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