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to Jan Koum & Jack Ma & those who able to undream

programmable interactive call receiver,
programmable interactive menu

since, whatsapp & wechat offer users service to call "free" through internet, why not offer something extra that only big telco / companies able to provide as i mentioned above to every users.

this will be another internet, a more personalized one, maybe require SSL in future xD

when somebody (not in my contact) call me,
1. they received my welcome message,
hi there, you are not in my phone book contact, please listen to below choices, 10u.
a. press 1 to buzz me now (then only my phone ring) or leave message
b. press 2 to visit my blog/website/facebook/twitter
c. press 3 to know my free time to receive your call
d. press 4 to ...
e. press 5 to listen how to pronounce my name
etc options.

or let users do something like telco *122# type menu with their whatsapp or wechat.

press 1 : to transfer credit to me
press 2 : send short message to me
press 3 : links to things i want to give away / sell / buy
Post 25 Apr 2015, 16:21
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