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badc0de02 13 Jan 2015, 11:06
i wrote a injector for gothic 2 what gives you god mode and you kill targets with only one hit.

format PE GUI 4.0
entry start
include 'win32a.inc'

section 'binary' code readable writeable executable
start: invoke CreateProcessA,exe_path,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,startupinfo,processinfo

       invoke VirtualAllocEx,dword [Process],0,code2.endx-code2,MEM_COMMIT+MEM_RESERVE,0x40
       mov [newadr],eax
       sub eax,[oldadr]
       sub eax,5
       mov [code01.addr],eax
       mov eax,[oldadr]
       sub eax,(code2.endx-code2)-(code01.endx-code01)
       sub eax,[newadr]
       mov [code2.endx-4],eax
       invoke VirtualProtectEx,dword [Process],0,code01.endx-code01,MEM_COMMIT+MEM_RESERVE,0

       invoke WriteProcessMemory,dword [Process],[oldadr],code01,code01.endx-code01,need
       invoke WriteProcessMemory,dword [Process],[newadr],code2,code2.endx-code2,need

       invoke ExitProcess,0

section 'data'  data readable writeable
newadr: dd 0
oldadr: dd 0x72FF96
code01: db 0xe9
 .addr: db 0,0,0,0,90h,90h
code2: cmp ecx,[0x400000+0x4CECBC]
       je code2.x
       mov dword [ecx+eax*4+0x1B8],0
  .x:  db 0xE9,0,0,0,0
       dd 68
       times 64 db 0
        Process dd 0
        Thread dd 0
        ProcessId dd 0
        ThreadId dd 0

need: dd 0
exe_path: db  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Gothic II\system\Gothic2.exe",0

section 'library' import data readable writeable
        library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL'
        include 'api\kernel32.inc'
Post 13 Jan 2015, 11:06
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