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thanks for your message.
Yes I am watching the thread and I am still working on a new release for the BASIC support of Sinclair computers.

I just downloaded the version and tried it out.
I used the IDE version (FASMWZ80.EXE) und WIN7.
Compilation works as excepted and when pressing CTRL-F8 (Build) the listing is generated (*.lst) and opened automatically in a new tab window. This automatic open can fail if you press enter to fast after message window. Because listing is called when the window appears and opened when it disappears after pressing enter. If this time is to short, the running program LISTZ80.EXE is maybe still not finished so the source can not opened.

Even big listings are generated fast within 1 or 2 seconds (8kB) on my x86 computer (not the newest model).

And I can not find any dependency of output format wether you use ORG or not. Stop. Found that .com file is generated if you use exactly ORG 100h like it is done for MS DOS applications. You can use "format binary (as ...)" in the first line to force the output file to binary format with any extension ...

So I am not sure why your LISTZ80.EXE is not executed. Maybe it is about a possibly virus kit which prevents unknown applications to start other programs. It is done via a system - similar task. Try to temporarily switch off your virus kit or sandbox or configure this application as trustable.
Post 25 Jul 2013, 20:21
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