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uart777 30 Apr 2013, 10:10
For graphics/game programmers and for LL/OS/systems developers who do not have graphics/UI predefined.

* Easy to use
* Classic appearance. 33 high-quality royalty-FREE icons (128x128 and 48x48) + 5 custom fonts
* Pure CPU rasterization and low-level graphics rendering
* View "Future Assembler" code the way it was intended with syntax highlighting: keywords, numbers, text, etc. Improved themes. Dynamic font zoom. Function keys and Ctrl+X
* Designed in XGA/1024x768 resolution
* New optimizations (example: load/save BMP.INC reduced to 1-3 reads/writes)

Download: Click Here

Custom File Dialog


Includes "CodeVu" and 5 related examples:


To enlarge screen shots, click here

Notes: Not for WinAPI/GDI programmers. Not for "flat", narrow-minded, one-dimensional programmers who don't care about evolution. Not supposed to be a replacement for Windows GUI (20+ years and 1,000s of programmers). Not designed to cooperate with existing OS (example: drag+drop).

Portability: Z77 uses very little Windows-specific code at the bottom of WINDOWS.INC, it does everything else using the CPU. Sections of Z77 are X86 portable and will support ARM soon (studying V7 and practicing in GCC on Raspberry PI).

By: Star^2 (StarPower) Software. Language: Future Assembler: Flat+Z77=Future.

Filename: codevu.zip
Filesize: 354.24 KB
Downloaded: 655 Time(s)

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Post 30 Apr 2013, 10:10
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MHajduk 30 Apr 2013, 11:15
A couple of requests / suggestions:
  1. are you going to add another fonts that will allow to use Latin symbols with diacritics (as in Polish letters ĄĆĘŁNÓŚŹŻ ąćęłńóśźż) and Cyrillic?

  2. in CodeVu, in the File text field it would be good to have more keys enabled (the backspace seems to be not handled while delete is).
Anyway, good work. Smile
Post 30 Apr 2013, 11:15
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