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First off, I'd like to mention that I'm a bit of a Fasm greenhorn. My programming experience lies primarily in the areas of Nasm, Forth, and heavy work with the Systems programming Annex of the Ada95 standard.

I'm curious if anyone has implemented a Macro instruction to pause Fasm assembly at a certain pass or passes. i.e. Have it generate an intermediate output file at stages(passes) 3, 12, and 17, for example.

Fasm may already have such an option, but I havent found mention of it in the documentation.

If such an option doesnt exist, would anyone have an interest in such a routine?

Privalov, any thoughts on this? Seems like it would be a useful debugging feature.

Just an idea that popped into my head. Idea

Post 14 Sep 2003, 22:59
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The number of passes depends on the source, you can (in most cases) get it down to 2 (if you specify the size of all jumps, etc). I don't think stopping in the middle of any such pass would be help full. (IMO)

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Post 15 Sep 2003, 04:44
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