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December 9, 2012 (For my Mom, Joan)

Darkness is very different from Light,
Hearing is different from Sight,
Day is bright and Black is Night,
The mind has a center as Thought,
Facts you know and Ones You do Not,
Iotas of genetic links,
The angel looks at you and Winks,
Water, sun, soil, space and Sky,
The potent truth when you ask Why,
The very best you can do is try,
And if you fail you still carry a lot,
Over peace and paradise they fought,
Now you can tell them the math,
And carve through a jungle Path,
Black is dark and Day is Bright,
Some insects are friendly and some bite,
All you know and all you are,
Only gets brighter than a Star,
Some men want you aged wise rhyme,
Your plans, money, and Time,
A mysterious award status grand,
Jump to the sky and land,
Every word from every book,
Using focus for a better Look,
Recipes, codes, and spices cook,
Will the end let you dream and smile,
Perfect map makes work worthwhile,
After the struggle and pain,
Fantasy and delight rainbow rain,
On the table detailed phrases,
Holiday years complex Mazes,
Open the Box that Warms our Home,
Eyes sunk back eternal Tomb.


The sun can go black Earth Gone and Lost,
We cannot repair it at the Highest Cost,
Every book destroyed Every Man drown,
No more kids and no more Town,
Buried in worry of final Doom,
Race with time in yellow Gloom,
Seems so gentle yet harsh cosmic dust,
Not wasting time who can we trust,
A whole life to undo rock and metal,
On top of that push the peddle,
Gas and fuel, fun and loss,
Stupid leader straight Boss,
Can we make a moment of great Joy,
And unwrap our wish our toy,
And set aside the war and border lines,
And sit with mushrooms under the pines,
Then I know I will wake up wrong,
Noone to hear the panacea song,
I do not accept the prick I never do,
I wish I could refresh and restart history,
Yet the destruction caused my Mystery,
The answer is simple and plain,
Just some men love to cause pain,
Are they blind to just live right,
Or just stupid in an everyday fight,
I do not want to state the obvious,
Yet some things just don't click,
Just to make virtues stick,
Guess the teachers and Judges dark,
Finger pointed at the wrong mark,
These people some I love,
Pray my voice is heard from above,
We cant sit and wait expecting change,
The basis for that is strange.


After the people, my whole life i spent,
After my mistakes and Angels sent,
Every poem, answer, and book read,
Those still alive and those dead,
A smile, cherry pie, bright sky,
Nights cold and alone and tears of Joy,
What they hate and who they employ,
Talents I have and ones that need work,
Being nice and being a jerk,
My town, places I go people I know,
One fact is they want a show,
Someone to stand for All our voices,
Someone strong, army of choices,
A man secure to be dealer,
Who is also a mystical healer,
Knowing the laws to share with us all,
A working plan heroic call,
Expert at danger can escape a trap,
And use his insight to draw a map,
We need a king to lead with gold,
One who knows the stories we Told,
He knows the differences and points,
And hand rolls the fattest joints,
One who gives us our greatest wishes,
And piles life and work high,
Know our effort how hard we try,
After every dream and every book,
After school, and what it took,
Is One phrase for any topic,
Names the bugs that are microscopic,
One who is right when everyone is wrong,
One with fruit and spice in his song.
Post 09 Dec 2012, 22:22
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Joined: 30 Mar 2006
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Seems that poetry is a more natural language to you than prose (at least your poems are more understandable to me than your previous "prosaic" posts). Wink

Your poems are very rhythmic and I suppose they could be a good base for some songs. May I suggest something accordingly to the technique? Well, there is only one thing that could be changed in your future works in my humble opinion. The rhymes could be "interleaved" in order to make better sound effect, i.e. instead of AABBCCDD you could use pattern like ABABCDCD. Wink
Post 09 Dec 2012, 22:45
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itneresting poems
Post 13 Dec 2012, 00:45
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Joined: 04 Mar 2008
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MHajduk wrote:
Your poems are very rhythmic and I suppose they could be a good base for some songs...
agree, perhaps keeping out interleaving because too baroque/complex for that native-and-not-much echoing prose. i would suggest AABBeCCDDe as an echo, working on (e) as a ternary to keep/break/launch/rotate again new semantics from it

Post 13 Dec 2012, 03:52
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