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Joined: 24 Jul 2004
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proveren 29 Jul 2004, 09:27
Dear All,
I made a flexible DirectDraw FASM template that works both in windowed and in fullscreen mode, in addition:
* It lets you change screen modes while running
* Waits for messages when minimized
* Restores surfaces after made active again
* In windowed mode has the option of making the client area the size of the backbuffer:
- for accuracy
- for performance
* remembers window coordinates after being restored from fullscreen
* etc. see the code

Four things:
1. It is version 0.4 because I want it to be able to display images (adjust different pixel formats in different desktop modes), for now it just blinks
2. If it blinks faster in one of the modes, that means that the refresh rate is different for these modes.
3. I know that generally madmatt is oriented in this area, but I just wanted to present this template because I ran into some trouble making it and want to help others with similar problems.
4(completely out of topic). How/where can I find ddsound.inc/make dsound.inc/find a make utility for dsound.inc for FASM?

Filename: problem.rar
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Post 29 Jul 2004, 09:27
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Joined: 15 Nov 2003
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Quant 30 Jul 2004, 14:47
wow! good work! don't stop to extending it...

Post 30 Jul 2004, 14:47
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