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booter 28 Dec 2009, 10:35
I wrote a framework for writing FASM applications.
Currently it has following components:
- "Base": stdin/stdout, command line, formatted thread-safe stdout
- "Exceptions": exception hadler. No unwinding - jump to address
- "Strings": sub-strings, tokens, command line parameters
- "Lists": dynamic lists, sorted dynamic lists - list is kept sorted
- "Threads": initiation/termination, pool of working threads
- "TCP": listener, "connector" (work in progress), synchronous multi-threaded work with sockets.
I already wrote some applications with it, for example muti-connection HTTP server. Only GET is supported, but it can also act as remote console Smile The program module is just about 500 lines of code, including 200 lines to provide remote console functionality.
I would like to ask FASM community if anybody is interested in participation to my project (framework). I mean writing new components to provide additional functionality.
Project restrictions:
- No C runtime
- No multi-compiler support (only FASM)
- No porting to Linux (only Win32).
- No OBJ files, no resouce strings or other "fancy" stuff
- No unicode, unless absolutely necessary
- No "forking" - each component has to have only one version and one owner. Owner of the component has final word on all proposed changes to his component.

Currently my framework lacks GUI, though instead of using Win32 I'd like to provide HTML-based UI, which I consider much better solution for user interactions. However, it's just an idea for now.
Post 28 Dec 2009, 10:35
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