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Joined: 06 Jan 2005
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I´ve written my own version of the proc macro, but this was with the older version of the preprocessor. A little bit of the code is from this forum here, but I don´t really know what this code should do and this is also the code which now doesn´t work.

This is the code which doesn´t work:
macro RestoreEx [name]
                macro rstr#name _% RESTORE name %_
                macro rstr _% %_
                purge rstr,rstr#name

_% fix {
%_ fix }
restore fix RestoreEx

And this is my proc, begin and end macro:
macro proc name,[arg]
        if used name
;               prog_args fix arg
        if ..OPEN > 0
                display "ERROR: no endp before proc",13,10
                ..OPEN= 0
        end if
                ..OPEN= ..OPEN+1
        if ~ arg eq
                virtual at ebp+8
                local ..arg
                ..arg dd ?
                arg equ ..arg
                end virtual
        end if
                ..LOCALS= 0
                align 16

macro begin
        if ..OPEN <> 1
                display "ERROR: begin without proc",13,10
        end if
                push ebp
                mov ebp,esp
        if ..LOCALS > 0
                sub esp,4*..LOCALS
        end if

macro endp
                ..OPEN= ..OPEN-1
        if ..OPEN <> 0
                display "ERROR: endp without proc",13,10
        end if
;               restore proc_args
        end if

The commented code is not working anymore and what it should it do? Do I need this code or can I use these macros w/o them?
Post 18 Jun 2005, 09:17
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Tomasz Grysztar
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Remove the RestoreEx definitions and the "fix" definitions following it, instead of "proc_args fix args" use "proc_args equ args", and instead of "restore proc_args" use this line:
match args, proc_args \{ restore args \}    
Post 18 Jun 2005, 10:50
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