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Joined: 27 Feb 2005
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phunk 01 Mar 2005, 19:33
i'm having a little bit of trouble getting keyboard handling to work, but here's what i have so far:

        org     0x100

getkp:  in      al,     0x60
        or      al,     0x82
        out     0x61,   al
        and     al,     0x7F
        out     0x61,   al
        mov     dl,     al
        shr     al,     3
        cmp     al,     0x01
        jz      gotkp
        jmp     getkp

gotkp:  mov     ah,     0x02
        int     0x21
        jmp     getkp

most of the stuff i saw from example code, so i'm not sure of exactly what it does. all i know is that for some reason it isn't working. can anyone give me some insight?
Post 01 Mar 2005, 19:33
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Matrix 02 Mar 2005, 01:38
i have made functions that use keyboard directly,
your code is not clear for me Smile
i have attached a keyboard information doc too, from ports.list

org $100
call clearkey

call readkeyboard

push ax
mov bl,1
mov bh,1
mov ch,15
mov dx,ax
call writehexnibbles80x25z
pop ax

cmp al,1
jne mainloop
int 20h

.wait: in al,$64
       bt ax,0
jnc .wait
in al,$60

in al,$60

waitkeyboardchange: ; does not wait busy, (windows and other) uses al,bl
in al,$60; because buffer ready bit is cleared after reading
mov bl,al
in al,$60
cmp al,bl
jz .wait2

clearkey:   ;Clears keystroke buffer directly ( $0040:$001A := $0040:$001C )
push ds
push es
 mov ax,$40
 mov es,ax
 mov ds,ax
 mov di,$1a
 mov si,$1c
pop es
pop ds

writehexnibbles80x25z: ; EDX = 32 bit input bl=x bh=y ch=color ( writes 8 nibbles from input )
push es                ; does not remove leading zeroes
mov ax,$b800
mov es,ax
xor ax,ax
xchg al,bh
mov di,ax
shl di,2
add di,ax
shl di,4
add di,bx
shl di,1
mov cl,8
rol edx,4
mov al,dl
and al,$f
cmp al,10
sbb al,69h
mov ah,ch
dec cl
;or cl,cl
jnz .roll1
pop es


if you don't need that performance, just use bios function readkey, or keycheck, i have posted some bios routines to this board, made with help by interrupt list

basic read keyboard is
in al,$60

this is all rigth if you don't care about busy (in most cases you should)

i don't know why i couldn't find so accurate descriptions anywhere,
i had to play lego from my info files to make these work all right

Description: Keyboard Port description
Filename: keyboard.rar
Filesize: 7.87 KB
Downloaded: 745 Time(s)

Post 02 Mar 2005, 01:38
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vid 02 Mar 2005, 09:04
keyboard handling was well described in PCGPE (PC games programming encyclopedia) if i recall right. There are some special issues with shifts and pause/sysrq/scrolllock keys (they send more than one scan) also extended keys (gray ones) send some prefix before real scan code, which is E0 or E2 or something. Just look for some good description
Post 02 Mar 2005, 09:04
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Joined: 26 Feb 2004
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Cas 05 Apr 2005, 04:33
If you're willing to make a keyboard routine, maybe my old "Support" project will be useful to you. It is a timer+keyboard handler TSR, with source and all. Take a look.

Description: Support 1.50
Filename: Sup150.zip
Filesize: 20.57 KB
Downloaded: 705 Time(s)

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Post 05 Apr 2005, 04:33
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