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Matrix 07 Feb 2005, 08:33
Linux Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
maintained by: Site Admin (Privalov), Pelaillo, Bazik, Matrix

This post was superseeded, please visit this instead.

Posting Information for newbies:
You've got a problem with assembly programming?
There are probably many people who can help you solve it. You only have to do the following:
First of all, you should take a look at the Flat Assembler Documentation, then you might wanna take a look at the examples section,
IF you already did so, THEN try using the search function of this message board,
IF you can't find the solution, do the following:
Try to categorize your problem, ask yourself the questions:
Is your problem assembly related? IF NOT, THEN post to Heap
ELSE Does it belong to a specific operating system? IF YES, THEN post it to the appropriate forum:
DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, MenuetOS
ELSE Do you think your problem is due to some bug in FASM? (we hope not) IF YES, THEN post it to Compiler internals
ELSE You would like to give some feedback on the forums? IF YES, THEN post to Feedback
ELSE Post it to Main.

For advanced programmers there are also:
Macroinstructions - Post here your useful macroinstructions, discuss various tricks and syntax adjustments.
Compiler internals - Submit modifications to flat assembler itself.
OS Construction - Post here if you are writing your own OS kernel, boot loader, etc.
IDE Development - For developers and users of the Integrated Development Environments for flat assembler.

You probably could categorize your problem, now you may open a new topic named with the best description of your problem/suggestion, imagine if you saw that topic just created, what would you think if it had that name?

Beginning of FAQ:

This thread/sticky is intended to be a good list of FAQs (or simply usefull things), it's understandable that from time to time the search function might be a little tricky to use and it might take a while to find what one is looking for (especially when one isn't too familiar with the art of searching).

If you think some question in this FAQ is missing, please post a reply here with a link to the thread, and a short/brief motivation - the reply will then be deleted if approved and the entry added to the FAQ, if the entry is rejected a reply will be made to the post explaining why it's rejected, the request and the answer will then be kept for about an week and then both will be deleted to keep this thread as clean as possible.

A good place to look for linux assembly info tools source code (nasm or gas):
Kernel system calls description - direct, not wrapped by libc as in man pages

Some Basic Problems:
How to make Linux executable?
How do I alloc memory?
Get pushed key
System Calls -> Int
Sys Call Macros
Creating shared libraries/position-independent code
Exception handling

About Linux Distributions:
What Linux distro should I use...

Other FAQs:

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