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Joined: 18 Jan 2022
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Hello. I am a C++ programmer. I want to ask about how to handle sockets in assembler. And there is some more advanced IDE for assembler some capacities like debugging like c++ ide does. Also I want tutorials about ollydbg please
Post 18 Jan 2022, 18:51
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No one reply - so I will try.
1. For sockets I suggest you take a look at examples section. http://flatassembler.net/examples/quetannon.zip It may help.
2. For debugging I like x64dbg (it 32 bit version). It run smooth on my Windows 7 machine. (Some old version). AFAIK Olly runs at XP, and perhaps more older Windows versions, so it may be outdated. (not sure). All assembler debuggers have similar UI. You should know same specific asm terms (at last registers, instructions mnemonics..); of course your c++ experience will be usefull. For debbugging own apps I like use int3 instruction as breakpoint. I set it in some crucial trouble places, and see what happen. AFAIK Olly will pause if found int3, and user may perform some skip and tracing options. (StepOver and TraceInto or run to next breakpoint/int3). In x64dbg cause, perhaps you should make some configurations. For full tutorial IDK - search engine may help you.
Post 20 Jan 2022, 17:52
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