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here is a stripped out version of my CRC-32, do not be confused with other CRC-32 variants; this is a plain CRC-32.

i tried to write some comments to clear out things, and used different names for labels and data to make it simper to read.

  include 'win32a.inc'
  format PE GUI 4.0

section '.text' code readable executable

    mov                 ebx,crc32_table ; base address
    xor                 ecx,ecx ; index used to update table entries
    mov                 eax,ecx
    and                 edx,0 ; inner loop counter
    cmp                 dl,8
    jz                  update_table
    test                al,1 ; check for odd number
    jz                  shr_and_loop_back
    shr                 eax,1
    xor                 eax,0EDB88320h ; reversed (lil endian)
    inc                 dl
    jmp                 inner_loop
    shr                 eax,1
    inc                 dl
    jmp                 inner_loop
    mov                 [ebx+ecx*4],eax
    inc                 ecx
    or                  ch,ch
    jz                  begin
finish: ; as of here, we have full table ... the rest of the code is clear i think
    xor                 edx,edx
    and                 eax,edx
    not                 edx
    mov                 ecx,[input_length]
    mov                 esi,input_data
    xor                 al,dl
    movzx               edi,al
    mov                 eax,[ebx+edi*4]
    shr                 edx,8
    xor                 edx,eax
    loop                calc_crc32_checksum
    not                 edx
    push                10h
    push                crc32_checksum
    push                edx
    call                [itoa]
    add                 esp,0Ch
    push                0
    push                eax
    push                0
    push                0
    call                [MessageBox]
    sub                 eax,eax

section '.data' data readable writeable

  crc32_table rd 400h
  input_length dd 4
  input_data db 'fasm',0
  crc32_checksum rb 9

section '.idata' import data readable

  library user32,'user32.dll',\

  import user32,\

  import ntdll,\

section '.reloc' fixups data readable discardable

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