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When you start programming, you have many luxurious programming days in front of you, so it's not so important to be so desperate to be aware of it, it's not important to work for awareness about it. It's not important to be aware of the luxury you have in the future, because it's so big at first that it's not important to be aware of it.

It's only when you come to the end of life and you have a day left to live that you really need to make yourself aware of the happiness of programming. A person had come to his last days, and that was when his friend arranged a party.

The party lasted 24 hours and was designed to make his friend aware that he must spend his last 24 hours enjoying programming. The party lasted until the last minute.

It's important to make your friend aware of the potential luxury he can get if he only utilizes the last 24 hours wisely. It's the last 24 hours that really appeal to luxury.

One must always prepare for a party when enjoying the last 24 hours of programming in life. When the party starts, we hang around attached and try to wake him up to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlong-term luxury, if we can wake him up and he wakes up to the thought, I'm sure the thought will last.

It is the luxury we want to awaken in him, that is to make him shake a little and pay attention to the thought of the last good day of programming. To wake his mind and make it grow and become powerful in size. It's about awakening his senses when we're completely desperate to give the programmer the great luxury with a final day of programming.

We could not survive if we were not convinced that the last day should be enjoyed with maximum sensation and resentment and maximum pressure to convince him of this, just like we had maximum pressure from the beginning when luxury was at the peak.

It is exactly when we support a mistake that we get to escape from it. The mistake is bigger than the suggestion of solution.

He thanked his friend for arranging the last party just 24 hours before his cancer would take him out. He thanked him for the effort, and when the party ended (1 minute before his death) he was awaken to the GREAT IDEA from a truly wonderful individual of tall stature.

The king auto-generates two things to degrade dangerous artists and intellectuals. The King reserves the right to be king and has made the culprits in advance. Half of the time or more, they are auto-generated.
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