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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Fucking google.

Try to log in, select "Stay signed in" ---> "Welcome, here you go."

Try to log in, unselect "Stay signed in" ---> "Oh no, it's so suspicious, enter your phone number NOW"

They should call this option "fuck me in the ass" instead. I didn't want to leave a youtube comment anyway, stupid google.
Post 15 Nov 2018, 14:21
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When all else fails, read the source

Joined: 24 Aug 2004
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Location: In your JS exploiting you and your system
Why would you want to login to Google?
Post 15 Nov 2018, 14:40
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Joined: 03 Mar 2010
Posts: 570
Location: Belarus
revolution wrote:
Why would you want to login to Google?

I guess…
vivik wrote:
to leave a youtube comment

Another possible reasons are to share some files that might require sharing them again a few years later, to read your mail…
Post 15 Nov 2018, 17:31
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Actually, now it wouldn't let me in even if I keep that option on.

Hm, turning javascript on helped. Google gets weirded out when he sees a browser that:

1) isn't chrome
2) disabled javascript
3) deletes all cookies every day

Also, if it didn't log you in from youtube site, try from google main site instead. And vice versa.

I'm so glad this forum exists, I'd really be read only everywhere overwise.
Post 17 Nov 2018, 09:37
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Joined: 04 Mar 2016
Posts: 1429
Don't forget the stupid reCAPTCHA. With Chrome you get in on the first attempt, with "alterrnative browsers" you have to redo it 2-3 times or even more.
Post 17 Nov 2018, 15:25
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Wanna look at poor man's spreadsheets? This is my note for amayui, to remind what kind of monsters I have to capture, and what I can just kill. Each monster goes by type, attack type, rarity (from 1 star to 5), some have gender.



male4 earth4 girl4

鬼 oni
need3 earth4 heal3 water- fire4 boy4 girl-

精霊 spirit (fairy) seirei
need4 earth- heal- water5 fire- boy- girl4

亜人 subhuman

不死 undead
need- earth- heal- water- fire- boy- girl-

悪魔 demon akuma
need3 earth- heal3 water3(x2) fire- boy3(x5?) girl-

巨人 giant
need2 earth2 heal2

創造 artificial life souzou
earth2 fire2 boy- girl3

霊体 ghost reitai

天使 angel

魔獣 magic beast majuu
need1 earth- heal2 water2 fire2 boy1 girl2

幻獣 illusion beast genjuu

一般 other

Post 22 Nov 2018, 15:31
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
You know how in some games, especially turn based games, you sometimes waste reallife time to save ingame time?

For example in space rangers, when you fly in space, one turn is one ingame day, and for you it is 1-2 seconds. But when you are on a planet, completing some quest, or do some rts mission, it also takes only one ingame day, even though for you it took a few hours. Some rts missions are really boring to do, especially if you did them 20 times already, but they are the best way to get money early in the game, so you pretty much have to do them.

In heroes 3, one day can either go really fast if you just walk around the map, or really slow if you start a battle. Though, complaining about battles is like complaining about the entire game, because it's the very heart of it, there is just nothing else. All economics, all artifacts, all heroes and all buildings exist only to prepare you for the next battle.

In amayui, this is an interesting example. One day equals one visit to a game map, and you always have a time limit of 20-60 turns for each. It doesn't matter how many days you spent, unless you asked for this yourself by enabling "chrono mode", and it's only available after you completed the game at least once.

So anyway, I quite commonly have this situation. I enter the map, I finish everything I wanted to do, but I have around 20-30 turns to spare. Should I just quit? No, I will spend these 30 turns just leveling up my weak characters, by doing something incredibly boring and repetitive. So instead of spending 5 minutes on one ingame day, I spend 30. Again, nobody really forces me to do this except my own greed for small day count, and wanting to level everyone up "just in case".

I already leveled my main character this way to level 99, he can reflect rockets with his dick. He alone is probably enough to finish the game. But I want the army of such beings.

Also, this backfired at me, because I didn't understood how skill cap works here. Most characters have some fixed ceiling (cap) for each stat (attack, defense, speed), which slowly goes up as you level up, and ceiling disappears completely at level 60 or so. Well, main heroine is an exception. Her stat cap isn't tied to her level, instead it's tied to how far in the story you got. She is at level 55 now, and she probably hit the cap for all stats at level 40. So that's 15 levels wasted on nothing, it didn't increase her stats at all. I will have to replay this game from start now to power her up properly.

What the fuck am I doing, I only wanted to check if this works on my pc. I really like the ui in this game. Though, I wish I could change it. Nowadays this applies to every game ever and every program ever: I want to change the way I'm supposed to interact with it.

Also, one thing I noticed, loading saves makes this game lag. I mean, when you open the loading screen, the game has to load 100 files at once from hdd, and for me it takes around 5 seconds. I'm not sure, maybe it just checks for existence of 100 files, and it still takes this much. Spinning media really wins with sequential data placement, but two solutions right now both have their drawbacks, there is nothing in between. If you use many little files, their location on hdd will be random, and you will get many hdd seeks instead of just one. If you use one big file, you can't really resize or delete anything at the beginning or middle of file, and you have to rewrite the entire file if you want to delete something at the beginning. Remember me babbling something about file system api that allows apps to delete data in the middle of file? Yeah, this is about that again. Ou man, maybe I should start writing code instead of babbling? Hahaha.

I like the fact that overworld map in amayui was designed for mousewheel. It's vertical. Next their game seems to be designed with gamepad in mind, I'm a bit saddened by this.

How much this game costs? 10500 yen? And that's not including all bonus expansions?

When you create a new firefox profile, disable internet connection. I updated it by accident, now my bookmark addition is new and weird.
Post 22 Nov 2018, 16:25
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Joined: 04 Mar 2016
Posts: 1429
vivik wrote:
I already leveled my main character this way to level 99, he can reflect rockets with his dick. He alone is probably enough to finish the game. But I want the army of such beings.
I have a similar problem in such games. Instead of power from stats or levels, I instead farm a massive amount of consumable items, money, potions, or whatever, "just in case".

In every game I'm always hesitant to use potions or other consumables unless really needed -- same with ammo in games with guns. "Just in case".

And then I end up finishing the game with 90% of the stuff I preserved. Confused

I have to replay the game to actually, you know, enjoy using those special consumables like rare guns or rare stuff (bombs and so on). I don't know why but I fucking hate it when I lose stuff by using it, it makes me not wanna use it.
Post 24 Nov 2018, 12:15
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
finished "amayui"

watched "made in abyss", now i'm reading it
Post 12 Dec 2018, 14:30
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
tsukushi akihito, huh


he's like one of the first artists I ever seen on the internet. I like, went on the internet, and BAM this guy is there. I remember making a folder for all artists whose name I wanted to remember, with filename as artist's name, and file as an example of his work, there was like 20 of them. Can't find this folder now, I think I merged it into that python program I used to surf danbooru with. Haven't launched it in 4 years now, there probably some important tags still there in the python marshal format. Need to rewrite it properly.

Feels nice to meet somebody twice. I couldn't remember his name, but I recognized his style. Huh, so this is where all my neurons went into...

btw, lold at 1other tag

https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3096900 are you suuure he's a boy? Are you reeeeeeeeally sure? One of the greatest mysteries of abyss was left on just layer 2.
Post 14 Dec 2018, 15:30
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
From Star Strings

this guy is amazing, something actually topped demonophobia? Holy shit.

nah, being a conscious red paint is worse, she at least can still move

i guess what really gets me, isn't just cruelty or suffering, but pointless struggle. What did Sakuri do, run around a lot, for like a day? Big deal. And what did Kororu do? Trained to not breath long enough, prepared all equipment, climbed who knows how long, and all to get in a situation much worse than one she was in. Talk about bad ending. Talk about disappointment. Makes you not want to do anything ever again. I guess that's what depression is all about? I really want to see bad endings, but I don't want to know for 100% that it will be a bad ending, I want some hope too. Without hope it's too easy and logical to give up, there is a reason why people say that the last thing to get out of Pandora's box was hope, you can't torture somebody who doesn't hope for anything.

dunno, "i have no mouth and i must scream" videogame didn't impress me, I haven't even finished watching it all the way. But that moment in Re:Zero when she slowly crawls towards your voice despite having her arms, legs and neck broken gives me chills. And that scene in doki doki literature cancer, where this guy just looks at a slowly decaying corpse for 3 days, without even moving or saying anything, it was good. I don't get it, why? Maybe "ihnmaims" did impress me, and I just forgot. And "ddlc" has no struggle, but maybe imagining somebody this broken gets me. I guess, "ihnmaims" has no good reaction, you just get a short animation of them being tortured, but you don't see their reaction, maybe they don't care at all. And again, "ddlc" shown no reaction, but not reacting to something like that is a delicious reaction as well. Maybe it doesn't work when there are no girls? That's no guarantee either.

most likely i'm a frog in a well, i know only 0.01% of what really is happening. But when it goes to entertainment, it's probably a good thing, you don't get saturated and bored. The less I've seen, the more I enjoy.

hm, most of above stimulate me in a positive way (somehow), but one video legid scared me. A footage of a group of people, probably somewhere at war. One man (tied up) screams "kind people, let me go", and other "yeah, we sure are kind", and they stab him multiple times. Meanwhile some kids song plays in the background, something about being kind. Your 9/11 jokes don't even come close to that. Hm, 9/11 actually is a murder too, many people died. Dunno, somehow a burning building doesn't have the same impact as one person getting killed like a pig, like, somebody really must not care about human life to do that, it's not just pulling a trigger.

actually, to really scare me, just drunken screams outside my window is enough. Can't really do anything about them. Well, I can, but I will risk a lot if I'll try. (Maybe I can, but ignoring them actually worked anyway somehow, so whatever). Man, this isn't what I'm seeking for, I want to stimulate my brain on a press of a button, and not on a random time during night mid something else.

some people probably experience something like this during "titanic", this movie sold really well, right? People really want to cry as well for some reason. I dunno what this feeling that demonophobia made me feel, sadism? Or maybe "jesus christ man this is horrible, on so many levels!". I've seen Markiplier torture himself for stupid challenges and views, and I only got the "stop that, this is pathetic and stupid, it doesn't worth it" feeling in return. I guess, empathy + unimaginably huge shock of somebody does this for me. I dunno. I don't know the name of this feeling, and what causes this. Shock? The "how it is possible to suffer this bad?"? Surprise? Disappointment?

By the way, doubt I'll ever replay demonophobia. And there just ain't good letsplays of it on youtube, there just none. I'm not patient enough for games without music anymore, or games in general. Amayui was an exception, because it kept throwing new game mechanics at me, and I was just really curious to understand what's going on and what kind of game this is. And I was afraid of spoilers. Best way to make me read something, is say "spoiler warning".

I don't know how to describe that feeling. Feeling really bad for somebody. Like, "holy shit, it can go this bad...". That kogasa manga I linked there previously had the same trait, she pretty much got to the breaking point. I want to see how people react to extreme stress and disappointment. This is called "drama" (or "tragedy"?), you retard. I guess, if you know that something is drama, it loses it's magic, the genre is spoiler. Drama must always pretend to be something else, otherwise it's a spoiler. But how can I find it, if asking for it and receiving it will already mean you got spoiled from the first second.

Last edited by vivik on 17 Dec 2018, 18:20; edited 3 times in total
Post 15 Dec 2018, 11:22
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Welcome To The Pit (Planet Coaster) - Rev [Vinesauce]
Post 15 Dec 2018, 15:05
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Go watch "made in abyss", it's good. I want to see your reaction.

Searched "made in abyss" on youtube, and this guy made 2 good videos about it:


Now I had words "torture porn" and "hope" floating in my mind, and he has a video about that too!


Keep in mind, half of the time he says some bullshit he has nothing to prove with, artsy "represents" and speculations. But damn he's good at making videos.

Fuck this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6b-KEzg6qo , fuck it hard.

Darn, I swallowed everything that were was in just a week, and they were making it for 5 years. I guess time to forget about him for another 5 years. Ugh, I want to know what happens next, I'm really hooked. May start digging my own hole while I wait.
Post 16 Dec 2018, 15:36
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
WOAH-OH-OH-AH-AH slowed down 800%

good animation must be looped
Amv - Continuous Play
(i'm not sure how this makes me feel, maybe a mix of everything?)

catchy music
PewDiePie Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard

real music
Respect Wamen - PewDiePie Remix 10 Hours
(damn it he's handsome)

history manga
The Fall of BLEACH: How it Happened

chill music
09 Shoujo ha Yoru Hiraku

"Atatakai Hizashi no Naka de" - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OST
Post 16 Dec 2018, 19:13
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Yandere Simulator seems more like a "do it yourself" kind of thing, rather than a finished product. I feel like I can really do something cool with those characters. Want to make a machinema, or actual manga with them. So many ways for mood whiplash, can make it cute, sexy, scary, badass, funny, can hit every nerve. There is a reason this trope is popular, you can do so much with this.

Was reading tvtropes page about them. So many cool concepts. But I feel like it will be a pain to actually play. Eh, you know that I actually hate playing video games.

Have a few unconnected images floating in my head. It's like dreaming when you are awake, they disappear so quickly, and like real dreams you realize they make no sense the moment you try to write them down. Yandere looking cute, laughs while talking with her friends. Yandere walks dark and empty school corridors, filmed in profile, eyes not shown, face shows no emotion. I want somebody to be a bigger threat than her, or at least a bigger asshole, somebody also quite manipulative, or rude, or selfish, or something as simple as having a strong position over something. I want characters to uncover who people around them are layer by layer, for them to be surprised, probably in a fatal way. Turn it into a shonen manga with battles, sure.

I'd like Yandere herself to be surprised as often as she surprises others. I want her to be slightly goofy at times, reacting strongly but in a comedic way to unexpected things. I want her main advantage to be in just how far she's willing to take things, in a way that just shocks everyone, that just looks so out of place that nobody even considered it a possibility.

I just described what I miss in my life, huh? Strong emotions, enemies, not being a boring shit, killing people, having guts. Well, could be worse. Imagine if I wished for not killing people. Hey, you can't just add "not" to a wish and make it a wish too. Strange how I desire to have enemies. Enemies are obstacles, something you can overcome, and something that drops loot. But everyone around me are just npc. They talk a lot, and that's it. Being boring is something I do to keep people away and keep my life simple. I miss times when I had a person to be absolutely bonkers with, we did stuff that are million times more entertaining than the best of youtube stupidity. We had our own memes, before this word was widespread, that only 2 people used.

I remember watching some filmmaker interview (author of seven samurai), and he mentioned stuff like writing down simple ideas, something simple like "two people sit at the table and do something". I since have a text file of those simple ideas, hoping that one day I'll have time and resources to implement at least some of them. That's a good way of wasting the time on incredibly stupid shit though, you need to prioritize some things over other.

Anyway. Yandere stands in the empty classroom, she's near the door (left bottom courner), somebody's hand and shoulder (in the right, shadowy), Yandere is suprised, hands to sides, almost takes a step back, probably a knife in hand. Sempai and Yandere, both sit on benches (different), but both frames connected together as if they sit back to back, Yandere has chosed eyes, smile, and looks slightly down, Sempai probably doesn't have eyes at all cause who gives a fuck about him. Hm, let's give him a personality too. Eh, dunno, later.

Good, have idea for 4 panels. Now need 400 more.

Drawing them is even slower than describing through text. Those mental images tend to disappear quite quickly.

I want to draw that "facial expression practice" image for her. "in front of a person she doesn't like" will have a looking down to cold stare. "in front of a person she likes" she will be looking away (as if walking away), maybe with blush painted, head turned just enough to notice it. "smiling" will have a pretty big grin, pretty innocent looking, "scared" will have an alerted perplexed expression, eyes looking firmly to the source (to the right of the viewer), mouth slightly opened, pretty much saying "i'm trying to find from which side something will jump at me". "angry" will have her actually rushing forward to someone with a knife, but you only see her face, again looking to the right of the viewer, eyes firmly fixated, eyebrows down, she either grinds her teeth (kinda like smile, but not up, more like side to side) or actually screams at somebody. "sad" has her looking down. "crying" has her wiping tears with her wrists, profile, looks to the left, right hand covers her right eye, left hand wipes tears with her wrist but shows enough face to see eyes and mouth, eyes closed, eyebrows down (as if squeezing tears out), teeth closed, lips open, upper lip goes up, mouth overall in a pained expression, you can almost hear her whining. "emotionless" is just a simple absent minded expression, eyebrows relaxed, eyes unfocused, mouth closed, looks slightly down, looks almost slightly surprised. What else was there. "uke" just her lying down, shoulders naked, right arm up and slightly to the side, blush, she looks up, slightly embarrassed and confused. "seme", could go for your standard yandere trance, but I just imagine her on top hugging Sempai passionately with her eyes closed and mouth slightly opened, eyebrows idontfuckingknowjustredrawfromsomewhere, breathing roughly. Don't really understand what "seme" is.

I'd like to see her murder the entire school, but I want a serious reason for that, can't come up with any. Somewhere closer to a final, probably. It will just look cool. One problem, can't imagine her acting during day, in my head it's midnight. Second problem, people will hear screams, many will just run away, she can only take out people one at the time. I imagine her leaving a bloody mess behind, and somebody just walking into it. And maybe her camping at the corners with still expression, probably with shadow over eyes, well maybe with a bit of emotion when she actually has to swing and rush forward. Maybe it will be some group of students that for some reason stayed late and pissed the wrong person. Ugh, worst thing in writing, is when you try to manipulate the story to some specific outcome. Should just let it flow.

Must learn how to draw. No, you draw - you lose, waste your time on something more money making. I want to preserve my dreams, they are the best thing ever, but also the worst thing ever once I try to write them down, i just realize how stupid they are.

I wonder if I should make Yandere gradually go lower and lower with her morale, while making Yandere herself shocked, or should she be a two faced bitch from the start and shocking all her enemies instead? First is more dramatic and emotional, second is more cliche, but can make some incredibly badass/creepy moments, and also can degrade to your usual syonen battles. Also first is more predictable, once you catch the pattern.

edgy, right? As in, trying to be shocking. Or pathetic. Not sure. I'll try to be sexy next time, will copypaste some porn here. Or funny, but I'm usually suck out all fun from everything. Or boring, you sure haven't got enough of that from everywhere. Let's try to be easygoing and talk about little things that don't matter. But ain't that boring? Oh I know, let's go meta.
Post 19 Dec 2018, 18:08
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
This freaking dude.


Why smart people are racist? And insane? Americans are more insane, they change to a complete opposite opinion in just 10 years. And they are very defensive about it.

Well, this looks 100 times better than emacs. Emacs is a text editor that tries to be an os, and this is an actual os.

Also, he made my dream come true. He united C, python and cmd/sh into one language. Need to see his debugger.

Oh, he died? Welp, I was too slow, wasn't I? Do I look to you like a guy who would do anything? Shit.

aaah, i'msogonnadieeeee
Post 27 Dec 2018, 14:12
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Joined: 29 Nov 2018
Posts: 24
Thank you for the link.
Post 27 Dec 2018, 14:50
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
You're welcome. Actually, have another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCgoxQCf5Jg

I remember some guy criticizing another guy for showing a dead body close up to gain views. But is describing how one guy was really slowly rotting inside that much different than just showing a result? Something about this video really irritates me, the guy who made this. Eh, whatever.
Post 27 Dec 2018, 16:09
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
NES Longplay [292] Home Alone 2

In my opinion, scariest game on nes. I wonder if it's intentionally. You can't feel it from video well, but try to play it, and walk into a random room. Right at the corner somebody will start walking in your direction, and you have just 1 second to leave.

and that music.

and the fact that people strangle you when they catch you. They don't, but I thought it looked like that when I played it as a kid.

(btw, you guys added youtube support to this forum? cool. pages now load a bit slower though, but it's ok if I press esc when everything loaded)
Post 01 Jan 2019, 15:38
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Joined: 29 Oct 2016
Posts: 669
Golgo 13 (Full Movie AMV)


Winch 1990

i recommend youtube-dl it before watching, I can't take more than 20 minutes of it at once, too intense

did i say already that i usually go on pornhub for music? I'm hoping that there is something there that would be catched by youtube algorithms. Doesn't seem to be the case to be honest.
Post 01 Jan 2019, 18:47
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