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Tomasz Grysztar
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With the new experimental updates I have added a couple of directives that assist in handling a wider array of syntaxes with fasmg.

By default, fasmg's preprocessor strips comments (the ones that start with semicolon) from the lines before allowing them to be processed further. Therefore it was impossible to parse with macros any syntax that would use semicolons for a different purpose.

The new RETAINCOMMENTS directive switches preprocessor into mode where it no longer does that. It is then possible to use semicolon as any other special characters, and process them with MATCH to handle any syntax that need to interpret them:

macro ? line&
        local v
        define v line
        while 1
                match first ; rest, v
                        redefine v rest
                else match any, v
                end match
        end while
end macro

db 1 ; dw 2 ; dd 3    

The preprocessor of fasmg also combines the lines when the line break is preceded by a backslash (just like preprocessor of fasm 1 did) and also might sometimes be a obstacle when parsing a specific syntax. So I also added a ISOLATELINES directive that disables it. You can use these two directives combined to switch fasmg's preprocessor into mode that allows to process just raw tokenized text.
Post 06 Jul 2018, 13:39
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