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flat assembler > Compiler Internals > [fasmg] [feature-request] __file__ as a list

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[fasmg] [feature-request] __file__ as a list

__file__ currently holds the name of the file, that is compiled. It would be nice, if this is the list of files from the main-file to the file, which actually used __file__, e.g.


include 'file1'
include 'file3'



include 'file2'
macro foo
end macro



macro bar
  fail 'just fail'
end macro



macro fail message&
  irpv item__file__
    display '->'__file__    ;the last value of __file__ would be 'file3', but thats ok
    restore __file__
  end irpv
  display '->'message10
end macro

IMHO custom errors are nice, but it is sometimes a bit hard to find the actual cause, when I use a lot of macros. sometimes, I do not even know where I defined the macro.
A Plus would be, if I can just restore __line__ to get the line number in this file:


macro fail message&
  irpv item__file__
    display '->'__file__':'
    displayDecimal __line__   ;displays the line number as decimal value
    restore __line__
    restore __file__
  end irpv
  display '->'message10
  ;in this case:
  ;->main:3->file1:3->file2:2->file3:2->just fail
end macro

Post 21 Aug 2017, 01:27
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