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Another monstrosity! Shocked I'm almost ashamed to post it Embarassed , but whatever! Laughing Cool

So what do you do if you don't have FASM (or Debug or whatnot) and want to encode raw hex values into a data file? I guess you could Alt-num (decimal) it piecemeal, but this way seemed slightly better.

Bug reports and fixes welcome!! (As if anybody cares anymore, sigh. Rolling Eyes )

; HEX.ASM -- encode hex from cmdline into data file ; ; rugxulo _AT_ gmail ; ; public domain, free for any use, nenies proprajho ;NECSUX=1 ARGV=81h BEEP=7 CR=13 LF=10 CLOSE=3Eh CREATE=5Bh GOODBYE=4Ch OPENRW=3D02h SEEKEND=4202h WRITE=40h WRITESTR=9 DOS equ int 21h b equ byte w equ word macro AAD16 { if defined NECSUX aad 16 ; ?? maybe unsupported by NEC V20/V30 ?? else rept 4 \{ shl ah,1 \} add al,ah end if } macro AAM16 { if defined NECSUX aam 16 ; ?? maybe unsupported by NEC V20/V30 ?? else mov ah,al and al,15 rept 4 \{ shr ah,1 \} end if } macro NIB2ASC { cmp al,10 sbb al,105 das } ; section .text org 100h ; DOS .COM Main: mov di,ARGV cmp b[di],CR jz Fino xor ch,ch mov cl,b[di-1] inc cl mov al,' ' rep scasb dec di cmp b[di],CR jz Fino .load: mov si,di mov di,buf .read: lodsw call convert xchg ah,al call convert AAD16 stosb inc w[count] .check: cmp b[si],CR jnz .read ; int3 call create Fino: mov ah,GOODBYE mov al,b[errlvl] DOS ; end Main ; proc create: mov ah,CREATE xor cx,cx mov dx,filename DOS jnc .handled .append: mov ax,OPENRW mov dx,filename DOS jc .ret mov bx,SEEKEND xchg ax,bx xor cx,cx xor dx,dx push bx DOS pop ax jc .ret .handled: mov w[handle],ax xchg ax,bx .write: mov ah,WRITE mov cx,w[count] mov dx,buf DOS jnc .howmany xor al,al .howmany: mov b[errlvl],al .close: mov ah,CLOSE ; mov bx,w[handle] DOS jnc .ret mov b[errlvl],0 .ret: ret ; endp ; proc convert: cmp al,'0' jb badhex cmp al,'F' ja badhex cmp al,'9' jbe .fix cmp al,'A' jb badhex sub al,'A'-'9'-1 ; 7 .fix: sub al,'0' ret ; endp badhex: ; int3 pop dx ; adjust the stack (why bother?) ; nop cmp al,'~' ja .nonprintable cmp al,' ' jb .nonprintable mov b[errmsg+3],al .warn: mov ah,WRITESTR mov dx,errmsg DOS mov b[errlvl],255 jmp Fino .nonprintable: mov di,errmsg+2 AAM16 xchg ah,al NIB2ASC stosb mov al,ah NIB2ASC mov ah,'h' stosw jmp .warn ; section .data filename db 'hex.dat',0 errmsg db CR,LF,"'?' is invalid!",CR,LF,'$' errlvl db 0 count dw 0 ; section .bss handle rw 1 buf rb 128 ; or probably only 64? (dunno) ; EOF
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