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~ belonging naturally; essential.

does object have intrinsic values? my view would be yes

Furs wrote:
The intrinsic value of a gun has nothing to do with any human's personal situation.


YONG wrote:
I did not write that line; it was Furs.

well, sorry, some ai glitches, Wink

assets == having intrinsic values, it doesn't matter how people view or agree,

a piece of land, a building, a mechanism to produce electricity, or anything that produce something that people want will always have intrinsic values, those tiny chips, i3,i5,i7, arm, they are all having values on its own,

our words, paragraphs, stories, books, documentation, etc, they all have intrinsic values too,

so, how to differ intrinsic values from perceived values?

perceived is how we judge the values of something based on our own calculation, experiences, desire, state of mind, etc,

judging is to use our own lens, and comes up with a value for our own mind consumption / logical processes etc

Furs wrote:
the main point was that money's value is given by people agreeing to it (implicitly or not); i.e. it has no value by itself and needs consensus for that.

it has equal intrinsic value of the exact sized a4 paper or toilet paper, Wink Embarassed
Post 30 Jun 2017, 17:13
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