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flat assembler > High Level Languages > FASM in Euphoria 4.0+

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Joined: 06 Oct 2005
Posts: 132

FASM in Euphoria 4.0+

I wrote this little wrapper for euphroia for win to allow assembler in eu.
Tested with Euphoria 4.1 32 bit and latest version of fasm.dll wich still returns version 1.67. Technicly it will work with EU-64 bit with 64-bit fasm.dll.

Euphoria can be found here www.rapideuphoria.com
install EU and uzip my wrapper to %euphoria directory%\includes

Description: TG's FASM Wrapper for Euphoria
Filename: fasm4e.zip
Filesize: 68.8 KB
Downloaded: 192 Time(s)

New User.. Hayden McKay.
Post 08 Dec 2015, 09:47
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When all else fails, read the source

Joined: 24 Aug 2004
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Location: Yonada

I am curious to know what does fasm.dll add to an interpreted language? Or does Euphoria pre-compile code or something?
Post 08 Dec 2015, 10:31
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Joined: 06 Oct 2005
Posts: 132

Code is executed with a backend. the euphoria bundle also comes with an E 2 C tranlator with your option of compilers to use eg; watcom, borland, gcc. Code is passed through the euphoria interpreter, any syntax checking, type checking is done here., if all ok the code is executed with euphoria backend (written in C) while codeing you can output to windows console like fasm's display directive. eu files can be bined together with the backend to create dll's, windows console apps or just a plain windows executable.

Euphoria has built in function to call machine code. the old way was to compile with fasm the open the binary file in binary mode use sprintf() to format byte sequence as hex output the to file the copy past into eu so you end up with something like this

integer mycode = allocate(CODE_SIZE)
poke(mycode,{90h, 90h, 90h})

to call it we use eu built in call()


this way makes it hard to make adjustments and updates to code because it all lookes like hexidecimal. Now I can use FASM in euphoria by passing strings.

to get the frequency of CPU in euphoria using embeded fasm syntax lookes like this

-- 5 recomended. a longer reference period gives better accuracy

constant refperiod = 5
constant intervals = 18.2 -- number of bios intervals per second

puts(SCREEN,"please wait...")

constant lower = allocate(4)
constant upper = allocate(4)

sprintf("mov [%d], eax",lower), -- stores the tsc qword
sprintf("mov [%d], edx",upper)})

sleep(refperiod) -- wait refernce period

sprintf("sub eax, [%d]",lower), -- subtract saved qword
sprintf("sbb edx, [%d]",upper),
sprintf("mov [%d], eax",lower), -- store result
sprintf("mov [%d], edx",upper)})

constant mHz

= floor(
int_to_bits(peek4u (lower),64),
int_to_bits(peek4u (upper)*power(2,32),64))) -- 64bit tsc result
/ (((1/intervals)*1000000)
* (intervals*refperiod))
+ .5) -- grab nearest mHz

printf(1,"~ %dmHz",mHz) -- done!
while get_key() = -1 do
end while

New User.. Hayden McKay.
Post 08 Dec 2015, 11:54
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