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My boot loader has passed control to second stage in protected mode. This example shows how to determine if A20 is on or not, by probing memory. I will eventually use color saved @ [A20_STATUS]. Colors conform to BIOS/DOS color mapping.
Test_A20: ; Now we can turn A20 on. Point to a pair of locations where wrap around can be determined. mov esi, 0x7d2c ; Point to any volatile place in boot sector mov edi, esi bts edi, 20 ; Point to same address in next meg of memory ; Procedure will set of 4 colors. ; (1) Green, A20 was already on ; (2) Yellow, Fast A20 gate succeeded, but took ECX times ; (3) Brown, A20 activated using fast method ; (4) Red, couldn't turn on A20 so alternate method must be implemented mov dl, GREEN ; Assume A20 is already. or ecx, -1 ; Large retry count, but probably won't be needed. ; Will loop back to here until retry count in ECX is exhausted. .Retry: push esi push edi lodsd ; Read dword from boot sector not eax ; Invert 32 bits stosd ; Write back cmp [esi - 4], eax ; Are they the same pop esi pop edi jnz .Ok ; ZF = 1, A20 is already on. Probably in BOCHS. ; Set color to YELLOW indicating gate was not active, but this method succeeded. mov dl, YELLOW in al, A20_GATE or al, 2 out A20_GATE, al dec ecx jnz .Retry ; *** TO DO *** ; This is where an alternate method would be implemented, but all my test computers ; succeeded with this method, so I'll assume most others will work too. mov dl, RED ; All methods will fall through to here if they fail. jmp @F .Ok: inc ecx ; Bump ECX. It will be NULL if gate was already on jz @F ; We will always get to this point unless in BOCHS or another emulator where A20 is ; already on. If method only needed to be used once, color will not be changed not ecx ; Indicates actual number of retries or ecx, ecx jz @F ; Don't change if we only tried Fast A20 gate once. mov dl, BROWN ; Indicates there were retrys with fast method @@: mov [A20_STATUS], dl ; Write status of operation to scatch area
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