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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
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Location: Poland
macgub 12 Sep 2023, 11:03
ver 38
release_notes wrote


Whats new in 38 ver??

1. Save to ply format..
2. /Next edit/ - possibility to edit-deformate part of object
selected by tesselate area..
3. Long pipe - possibility to Catmull Rom spline based...
4. Possibility to generate object with wall based on rotated
splines ...
5. Generate Mandelbrot fractal as texture option...
Its multithreaded, but unoptimized..
6. 'From tex' button - allow basic convertion pixels <-> voxels
from texture. Black 0x00000000 color is treat as transparent..
I need make checking if texture is not to complex to convert.
Such generated mesh in zip package.
7. New couple radius-rotary axis calculating in L pipes generator.
This allow prodcing pipes with smoother surface..

Have fun!
Edit: I delete attachments, add links..
Version 38 manual:

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Post 12 Sep 2023, 11:03
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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
Posts: 346
Location: Poland
macgub 28 Dec 2023, 17:42
Hi, version 39 is out.


Whats new in 39 ver??

1. Hermite spline as Long pipe/spline-rot-based-wall-object option..
Tension and bias setting possibility ..
2. Attempt for improve from_tex proc (by rem redund verts and
count possible chunks)..
3. Attempt for clean rem_redund_vert proc..
4. I throw out delete chunk button.. Feature under 'Chunk opers'
5. Other menu changes - buttons according to lpipe/rot-wall.
Its caption was changed, to describe better features it
6. More threads than avialable cores in mandelbrod frac rend..
This will bit speed up...
7. New rotate around arbitrary vector matrix computing proc.
Now smaler compiled binary, full sse / none fpu...
8. Plain texture model, now uses bilinerar filtering..
9. Attempt, at last partly achieved, to make shadows based on
stencil, depths buffers.. Every light its own buffer. Effect
visable in real Phong opaque texture mapping rendering model.
.. partly achived - shadows seems be reversed than real
phenomen.. (I require inverse depth buffer?)..
10. I throw out bump_tex first stage triangles calculating routines
(delta calc and two loops calling horizontal line).
Funcionality now in 3glass_tex.inc file.. This shrinked compiled
executable binary code and perform passing all texture params as
11. Optimize chunks proc refreshed.. This proc makes for every chunk
continous vertices chain. This makes easier ex. saving to file
in 3ds format, or separate chunks edition by /Next edit/ uniform
tool. Now its work is divided to threads. I tried utilize better
CPUs functionalities ( up to 4 th. for now)..
12. Counter slices horizontal line removed. Features in
2stencil_slices.inc file...
13. Calculating required sinus and cosinus using Taylor series...
(IDK this is better (I mean faster) than FPU standard fsincos,
perhaps not - but measure dont guess..)
14. Refreshed texture_mapping, remove_cracks procedures..
15. Attempt for optimize object procedure. I tried decrease faces count by
collapse some of them .. Use 'set ap tol' button to set tolerance
similarity of normal vectors around base triangle..

I hope you will enjoy, Maciej...

Edit: I delete attachments, add links.
sources: http://macgub.co.pl/win/win3ds/39/win3ds39.zip
manual to version 39: http://macgub.co.pl/win/win3ds/39/39manual.pdf

Description: screenshot
Filesize: 70.54 KB
Viewed: 573 Time(s)


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Post 28 Dec 2023, 17:42
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Joined: 11 Jan 2006
Posts: 346
Location: Poland
macgub 13 Jul 2024, 15:58

Whats new in 40 ver?

1. Attempt for filling holes procedure. Proc
now transform two edges not possesed by
triangle - insert here a new triangle..
If you are lucky - starting from any mesh
you will achive, full closed volume object..
Just iterate procedure I describe now. Use
'Opt object' and 'Process op' buttons..
2. Attempt for improve object geometry, by
transform thin, long triangles to possible
non degenerated, "every edge equal", form.
As far as I see, now it modify geometry but
rather not improve it.
3. I tried implement object simplification
by collapse edges..
Now this option works as 'decrease edge
lenght in dramatic way'.
Set flag of 'Opt holes' button to 'edge' and
press 'process op' button. Now its easier to
collapse such short edges by remove
redundand vertices feature.
Use 'dsp factor' button to set tolerancy of
normal vector devitation, use 'set ap tol'
button to set tolerancy of how near tangent
vertex to collapse should be. Press
'Rm red ver' button to final preform collapse
vertex-edge operation .
4. Effort for easier deformation - handling
bend of part/whole mesh.. Use FFD
button, set its flag to 'spli'. Move (with care)
yellow bars, you may deformate object/part of
object (ex chunk). (I will improve distribution
of deformation in future.)
5. Free Form Deformation, Bezier Cage version -
changes may be increased by factor depend
upon aporx tolerancy flag. Use 'set ap tol'
6. Attempt for introduce smaller version of texture
applied in all tex based displaying models
(in progress..).
7. Shy work around increasing collided edges detection..
(aprox 50% speed up)
8 Loading ply files (format binary, little endian).
9. Basic support for md2 files loading.
10. Bezier triangle patches attempt (need work)..
11. Code cleaning, refractoring and rebuilding..

Maciej, 07 2024

Description: User manual to version 40.
Filename: 40manualB.pdf
Filesize: 781.7 KB
Downloaded: 12 Time(s)

Description: sources, example mesh
Filename: win3ds40.zip
Filesize: 327.72 KB
Downloaded: 11 Time(s)

Post 13 Jul 2024, 15:58
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