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edfed 16 Sep 2010, 15:59
i had a good idea about fasm plugin.

he idea is simple, build a sort of session manager, over fasm.

then, the only thing that fasmw will do is to execute as it is.
and around this, a session will be created, opening folders, many files, and some additional stuff.
but fasmw will be as if it was alone.
just you will have all that you need to recover a fasm session, with folder opened, hexadecimal viewer, debugger, etc...

in simple, just create a program that will open fasmw, and whatever program you want, including file explorer.
because it is the way i do, i open the folder, and then, drap n drop files on fasmw. the folder is the center of the session.

PS there are still many IDE that uses external compilers, but none of them uses external editors. and fasmw is some editor i really love, fast, clean, small, simple, minimalistic, etc... and is something i'd like to see as a single function (as fasm compiler):
invoke fileopen,inputfile ;open the file, and put it in ram
invoke asmedit,inputfile ;edit the file
invoke fasm,inputfile,outputfile ;compile the file
invoke launch,outputfile ;execute compiled file

this kind of construction can allow anyone to code it's own implementation of fasm, for his own system. and just change the assembly language by just changing the compiler invoke.
Post 16 Sep 2010, 15:59
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