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catafest 26 Dec 2012, 18:09
Hello. I make a simple example (using 32). This read some integers and I want to using with SSE , but I don't know to make this .
This is a test.txt file :
$ cat test.txt 
12 23 33
23 34 44
45 22 55
34 45 22    

Also , my asm example is this:
format elf

extrn 'fopen' as fopen:dword
extrn 'feof' as feof:dword
extrn 'fscanf' as fscanf:dword
extrn 'printf' as printf:dword
extrn 'exit' as exit:dword

public main

section '.data' writable

file_ptr rd 1
integer rd 1
file_name db "test.txt",0
mode db "r",0
fmt_in db " %d ",0
fmt_out db "Read number %d",10,0

section '.text' executable


push mode
push file_name
call fopen
add esp, 8
mov [file_ptr], eax


push [file_ptr]
call feof
add esp, 4
cmp eax, 0
jnz .exit_loop

push integer
push fmt_in
push [file_ptr]
call fscanf
add esp, 12

push [integer]
push fmt_out
call printf
add esp, 8

jmp .loop_start


push 0
call exit     

The big problem is how to set to working with sse ( using mnemonics of sse ).
Thank you. Regards.
Post 26 Dec 2012, 18:09
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