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ishkabible 07 Oct 2010, 01:27
alright progress slowed down a whole bunch due to school starting but i have a BETA version that fixes a few of the things i didn't like about FASMW. it dose the following that FASMW dose not

*instruction syntax highlighting (if you come across one that is not tell me)
note: SEE1-4, and MMX instructions are not highlighted nor are there registers
*register highlighting
*macro highlighting
note: this is poorly supported and classify some non-macro syntax as macros like section, data, readable, writable, format, (all types like dd,db,ect..), sizes like byte,word,dword( but only those as of right now), and entry.
*line numbering
*i think it has a cleaner look to it but that is merely opinion

i want to add the following features to it

*keeps track of tabs you had open so you can easily dive into your project from session to session
*add the rest of the instructions if possible
*when error occurs highlight line on witch it occured
*built in syntax highlighting customization
*more advanced formatting options
*maybe some type of project file to help out with organization

please tell me anything you would like to see in it. even if you would not use it in it's current state, please tell me what i could add to make you more inclined to use it. the compiled files are all for windows 32/64 bit environments but i include the source with except for two _popen calls should be cross platform (i havn't tested). also looking for names, im thinking FASME would be nice but not sure.

you can modify the syntax highlighting from a file called FASME with no extension.

here is the download file, i had to upload it to mediafire as it is larger than 700kb
Post 07 Oct 2010, 01:27
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