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Tyler 05 Apr 2010, 05:15
Dude, you're freakin' kidding me!!! Evil or Very Mad I spent SSOOO long pondering that one problem, I haven't finished anything today. The funny thing is, I also didn't escape the {}s the first few times, but I'd seen that done so many times, I eventually noticed it. Thanks, I'm using it for a conditional mov and call(not together), here's the code after I added \s
irps cond, a b e z na nb ne nz
   macro mov#cond dst*,src*,else_src
      if cond eq
         mov dst,src
         \local .cond_met
         \local .cond_unmet
         j#cond .cond_met
         if ~(else_src eq )
            mov dst,else_src
         end if
         jmp .cond_unmet
         mov dst,src
      end if

     macro call#cond location ; Wasn't sure if I could use label
      \local true
      \local false
      j#cond true
      jmp false
      call location

The actual jumps are really bad style, but it'll simplify my code 100 fold.
Post 05 Apr 2010, 05:15
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revolution 05 Apr 2010, 06:34
I use this little cmov macro for when I need to support older CPUs
irp cc,a,ae,b,be,c,e,g,ge,l,le,na,nae,nb,nbe,nc,ne,ng,nge,nl,nle,no,np,ns,nz,o,p,pe,po,s,z {
     local i
     macro cmov#cc [args] \{
            \local .x
              j#cc    .x
          load    i from $-2
          store   (i xor 1) at $-2
            mov     args
It shows the use of both escaped and unescaped local. Note that the other preprocessor strings need escaping also: common, forward, reverse,`, #, }.
Post 05 Apr 2010, 06:34
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