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Joined: 08 Dec 2013
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sleep: I am sorry. I've been wrong about you.

I went to my neighbor's house and viewed your previous posts for the first time. I see now that you were talking about "evil" humans in general and you weren't directing that at me personally. I rarely view anyone else's posts. You've said good things about me that I never noticed being on a phone.

All this time, I honestly believed that you hated me and I believed that most users here hate me because of you. I was suffering from delusional thinking. All humans are succeptable to this, in one way or another, to some extent.

I guess it was the competition that got into my head. I invested every bit of goodness that I had into that. So, there was little or no love remaining for humans.

I became one of the best programmers but a cold hearted SOB and that won't get me anywhere in life. Gotta get out, find a friend and have a heart again (when my ex girlfriend left 4 years ago, my heart went along with her and I became bitter).

First, gotta redevelop my social and communication skills since I have been alone and deprived for so long. "We" just have to believe that everything occurs for a reason.

Again, I apologize. Good luck!
Post 16 Jan 2015, 15:53
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Joined: 25 Nov 2013
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Post 16 Jan 2015, 16:26
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Joined: 08 Dec 2013
Posts: 296
To John:
I don't like your code
1. Have you seen "yours" lately? 2. Then why ask me to work for you? 3. Which code? I use multiple assemblers and languages, pure ASM or pure macro syntax (Abakis), C/C++, Java. You use impure unholy MASM style. 4. Because you can't just copy and paste it? Is it too much to ask of you to lift a finger to click the "Disassemble" button? You can do that with anyone's code.

Please download all 3 popular libraries and compare them: FreshLib, FASMLIB (it's good) and Abakis (my language+library). See for yourself.


I sincerely believe that FreshLib is the worst designed library. Bloatware, junkyard, random collection of trash, a big mess that you want someone to clean up for you for FREE or add to it (=more bloat!). CPU+OS specific, not portable (apparently, Intel is the only assembler you use, explains your narrow-minded MASM32 definition of assembler).

Do you expect programmers to work for you for FREE while poor and receiving electricity disconnection notices in the mail? I'm not the only one. Why should we work for you and not for ourselves? My idea is exactly the opposite: to HELP independant developers/teams MAKE $ from their software.

For beginners, vid's FASMLIB is a way better choice. In fact, John used much of vid's code and doesn't really give him credit or recommend his library. His name is only mentioned in some text file. John doesn't say in plain English "I wrote it all", but he definitely suggests it and enough of these will convince newcomers that he is the leader (NOT my master):
I'm just one person

In the Projects forum, there's too much talk about imaginary projects and NO evidence that they're working on anything, NO code, NO images, NO videos, NO reason to think they're doing anything but trying to recruit programmers and talking in order to avoid doing it. Not good influence. I present images to prove that I have something, quick sketches, graph paper quality.

sleep: Hi. When I posted the browser sketch, everyone misinterpreted me (sleep=source*X # users amplified in my mind) as "Just shut up and listen!" and I was NOT saying that! I meant the opposite, "Stop restricting me, WE should be allowed to post designs and I'm NOT trying to offend anyone with it. If you/anyone don't want to see design, I would give a [*] Block button". 1 misunderstanding? Anytime. 5? No problem. But 1,000s of repetitive misunderstandings drives me insane!

If you've got ideas, designs for software (sleep, mbr, john, anyone, anything), PLEASE post in Projects & Ideas. Design = visual ideas. You can bump/update your ideas occasionally, list updates (idle and fasmnewbie are good examples who do this nicely).

WHY does it HAVE to be in Heap? Who's instilling that fear? Users should NOT be afraid to post their code, ideas, images, videos at all. Who's the ultimate authority? Tomasz.
Tomasz wrote: "Do whatever you want with it Wink" (NOT "Do what John says")

New FASM Site, Examples, Graphics, Updated Libraries
Post 17 Jan 2015, 00:40
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Joined: 08 Dec 2013
Posts: 296
sleep: Yes, it does seem that your recent posts - 2-3 days ago, "Freedom of Speech" and "Bullying Mindset" - are a DIRECT response to my "Internet Browser Design" (READ FIRST) and an attempt to describe ME in an evil negative way which I think you DO sometimes, albeit rarely.

Initially, I went OUTSIDE IN THE FREEZING COLD, SNOW EVERYWHERE - 17 DEGREES, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!! - I thought, "Great, he's over there in his forum talking sh@t about me, again" Smile

THEREFORE, I DO HAVE EVIDENCE FOR MY ARGUMENT. *NOT* DELUSIONAL. Just search/look at the posts and times, it's obvious.

BUT it's ok now SmileCool You thought I was trying to control you??? NO! Do what YOU WANT. BE YOU.

I'm building Universal Assembler, starting FOR FASM AND I have the beginning of my own unique design for a standalone assembler as you can see in Abakis TEXT.INC. FASM Mobile was just a sketch to help you get started.

Let's ALL BUILD OUR OWN ASM/NATIVE/C communities and link them together as one big social network if you REALLY want to make FASM POPULAR. Not suggesting sharing personal information as in FACEBOOK (FASMBOOK? MYFASM? FASMSPACE? FASMTUBE?), but it DOES help to have everyone talking about FASM.

How about a book idea? "The MASM Delusion?" I wonder if Richard Dawkins would sponsor it. Anyone believe it's a good way of writing code? Where's the evidence? This is FEEDBACK.

New FASM Site, Examples, Graphics, Updated Libraries
Post 17 Jan 2015, 03:47
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freedom of speech is all about what happened to charlie hebdo,

your internet browser Jan 10, 2015,
my bullying mindset Nov 04, 2014,

well,, I guess, whatever, I wish you gud luck,
Post 17 Jan 2015, 12:59
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Joined: 25 Nov 2013
Posts: 216
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the Feedback idea to add block users is just stupid because Guest can still read your post and copy your stuff...
Post 22 Jan 2015, 14:50
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Joined: 02 Dec 2012
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Stupid post removed.

Last edited by HaHaAnonymous on 28 Feb 2015, 17:56; edited 1 time in total
Post 15 Feb 2015, 15:27
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Joined: 25 Jul 2010
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Does this feature also block the National Spy Agency?
Post 15 Feb 2015, 17:54
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Joined: 28 Jan 2004
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You can ignore users, by, just ignoring them.
Post 15 Feb 2015, 20:31
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